Sandhurst Village Voice

• I am sure people in the village must know that a famous person is buried in Sandhurst churchyard.

Patience Strong was a popular writer of simple and sentimental poems, who some will remember were printed in a column in the Daily Mirror during the last war and then in Sunday Pictorial.

Patience died in 1990. If anyone has any information about her could you please let me have it.

• The local amenity refuse lorry will be in the village on Saturday from 8am - 8.25am at Lomas Lane; 8.30am - 9am at Ringle Green; 9.05am - 9.35am Back Road; 9.40am - 10.20am Tanyard and 10.25am - 11am Sandhurst Close.

• Little Rainbows is a free mother and toddler group that meet every Friday Morning from 9.30am - 11.30am at Sandhurst Baptist Chucrh Hall. Tea and coffee are provided,

Geoffrey Goodsell 13 Levetts Lane Bodiam