Saxonwood WI

SAXONWOOD WI met in the St Valery Room, Memorial Halls, Battle on Wednesday October 11 at 7.30pm.

There was a very good turnout for our annual meeting to discuss all our work of the past year and to plan the coming year’s events.

Brenda Clarke, our present popular president, was voted in unanimously once more. Brenda thanked all the members of the committee for their valuable help over the past twelve months. We would like a few more members to come on to the committee so do put yourself forward if you would care to help in the running of the institute.

Kathleen, our secretary, then warmly thanked Brenda and Sue, our treasurer, for all the important business and hard work they do to keep the show on the road!

The Financial Statement for the year ending 2012 was read out and explained to all.

Our money-makers are all the teas we provide for various institutions in Battle, ‘Lights On’, Beautiful Battle and council meetings and others where we are asked to provide refreshments plus of course part of our yearly subs.

We have have had eight outings including Glyndebourne, Eastbourne Sister Act, WI Carol Concert, Walk for Women of the World, visit to Downe House, Windmill Hill to see refurbished windmill and Ashburnham Place plus cream tea (coming this month). All these are arranged by Brenda and the committee, including transport.

Craft: Monthly meeting where we produce many knitted garments for the premature babies unit, and also do our own personal crafts.

This month we are being shown how to make boxes from old Christmas cards and of course the South of England Show where we entered four items.

The Story Bag of Peter and the Wolf will be on display in the library at the end of October so do go and have a look. In the new term this will be presented to the infant department of Battle and Langton School.

Community Work: Plantings in Abbey Court for the Jubilee were very highly complimented by the public. Also autumn and spring/summer plantings are done by Saxonwood Gardening Group.

Boxes for Soldiers at Christmas: Flower display in St Mary’s Church for the Diamond Jubilee, Christmas tree for Christmas Festival, Poppy wreath, knitted Nativity family for Battle and Langton School and the summer scarecrow.

We discussed all of next year’s monthly speakers and used members suggestions for the competitions.

Our big day next year is when we host the Rother Group’s bi-annual meeting in Battle.

After all that we enjoyed christmas pudding tastings, trying out three well-known brands of puddings to find the tastiest, according to your palette!

A nice cup of tea followed before the raffle and homeward bound.

This week’s competition was ‘A Home Made Card’. 1st Brenda, 2nd Sue, 3rd Tina. Thank you for all the lovely entries.

Craft and Chat meeting on October 29, 2pm, £1.50 tea/coffee and biscuits served.

Next month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday November 14 at 7.30pm.

The subject is ‘Flowers for Christmas’ by Valerie Bishop. Valerie will donate three arrangements to be raffled.

Rother Group’s Autumn meeting is on October 18 at Brede at 2pm. English Heroines. Don’t forget bring and buy.

New members always welcome. Details at 01424 773745.