School children bring smile to show

B Autumn Show 1
B Autumn Show 1

BECKLEY Horticultural Society’s Autumn Show on Saturday exceeded all expectations.

Ron Juden, the Society’s President, said: “I’m amazed. We had a really good show in the Summer and I remember saying ‘Will this be the start of a resurgence?’ And do you know what? I really think it was.

“Despite the dreadful start to the summer, and the fact that everything seems to be about two weeks later than normal, we had more fruit and veg than ever. Loads of apples, along with pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries and even passion fruit and figs.

“There was a lovely show of flowers. I really must mention the children from Beckley School. We all thought their ‘vegetable people’ were the best thing in the show. The imagination shown by the children, even those as young as four, was astonishing. Their entries brought some real fun to the show. Long may it all continue.”