School safety campaign starts

School safety
School safety

RYE Labour candidate Sarah Owen has joined with parents to launch a campaign to ensure children get to school safely.

The Safely To School campaign was launched at Sandown Primary School at Hastings this week and will be rolled out to schools in the Rye area.

Sarah Owen said: “I was moved to act when primary school pupils first wrote to me, expressing their concerns about speeding traffic outside schools, but this isn’t just relevant for one or two schools in Hasting and Rother, it’s a problem for all. In the face of cuts to lollipop attendants we need to act before it’s too late.

“There should be no price on a child’s safety.”

Sarah Owen has already been proactive in campaigning to get speed restrictions outside Playden Primary School after children wrote to her expressing their fears.

Sandown School head teacher Charlie Lindsay is backing the campaign. Mr Lindsay said: “Drivers get impatient in the morning and afternoon waiting in queues at the current zebra crossing. I fully support our parents and local politicians in campaigning for these improvements; they are long-overdue.”

Sarah’s team intend to roll out the Safely to School campaign to other schools in Hastings and Rother.

She says it has already received pledges of support from scores of teachers and teaching assistants, businesses and local councillors.

Parents and local residents are being urged to sign a petition calling for the changes which will be presented to the chairman of East Sussex County Council in the new year. You can sign the petition online at