Sedlescombe Village Voice - July 25

A FULL parish church witnessed last Sunday evening the licensing of Canon Alan Sharpe by the Bishop of Lewes as our new priest-in-charge at Sedlescombe and Whatlington.

It was an uplifting service, with a very nice atmosphere, formal but not stuffy. During the service Canon Sharpe was welcomed by a number of prominent villagers including our Parish Council Chairman, Valerie Wright, who assured him Sedlescombe was a lovely village with absolutely no gossip at all.

There was a reception at the village hall afterwards. On behalf of us all I again welcome our new priest-in-charge and hope he will be happy and fulfilled amongst us.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned being at a little ceremony where the baby trees planted by Pat and Sally Martin and nurtured doing the winter by children from our local school were planted in the village. I thanked Pat and Sally for their brilliant effort and they themselves have some people they would like to thank in turn.

Twenty trees were planted in the morning in a field belonging to Mr and Mrs Morton of Lower Marley Farm who are sincerely thanked. Mr Hall kindly gave his water and the use of cap and hose for a thorough dowsing of the planted trees and Cutting Edges kindly loaned a grass cutter to clear areas of the site and make life easier for the planters. During the afternoon trees were put in at Lower Jacobs Farm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Marland. The children were delighted by a ride in a trailer pulled by Mr Marland's tractor to take them to the planting site and with the doughnuts and drinks with which they were plied.

Pat and Sally thank Mrs Ham and the school for their co-operation in the enterprise and we thank Pat and Sally again for all the time and effort expended over the months to bring it all about. We will watch the progress of 'our' trees with great interest.

Tomorrow is Brede's "Special Day". In the column a couple of weeks ago anyone who lived or worked in Brede before or around 1970 was invited to attend a re-union in Brede Village Hall on 26 July from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Refreshments will be served during the afternoon and you were asked to let Liz on 01424 882 847 or Vicky on 01424 883 410 know if you planned to be there so that they can have some idea of the number they are catering for. Let's hope the current lovely weather continues and that everyone involved has a happy afternoon.

The Flower Club has a meeting in the hall next Wednesday, 30 July, at 7.30 pm. It's good to know the Club continues.

Carol and Andy Limpkin are two very committed villagers who contribute to life here in a number of ways, especially when it comes to the Sedlescombe Fayre. Their relative youth makes them most welcome members of the SSA committee!

Carol tells me that she has started up a new dog training group. It is called K9 Rescue Remedy Support Group and the aim is to help the owners of rescue dogs of any kind to deal with any behaviour issues they may be having. The Club runs weekly on Sunday mornings from 10 am to around noon. If you would like more details please contact Carol on 07986 474 308.

I have always greatly admired those who take on rescued people or animals. (During the war my Mother, already with a family of 7, adopted into our family, without any legal formality whatsoever, a baby boy. When this baby grew up he was very into rescuing dogs and I remember one very well. It didn't like me at all - the feeling was mutual. When I visited I used to ask permission to move to go to the lavatory in case he ate me on the way). We wish Carol every success with her new enterprise from whom, I am certain, many will benefit.

She tells me that she has been contacted by someone called Jean Hobson about a Crafts and Hobbies event in Hastings. They are looking for crafters who may want stalls at the two-day Show. The cost is 15 for the two days if anything is being sold: if nothing is being sold the stalls are free. The event takes place at the William Parker School. I don't have dates but you can contact Jean at 69 Heathlands, Westfield, TN35 4QZ or via for more details and a form.

Shirley reminds the members of the Theatre Club going to Eastbourne on the 30 July that the coach leaves the Green at 6.30 pm. The play, Ayckbourn's "Relatively Speaking" didn't get much of a write up in the Telegraph – the critic thought the play not vintage Ayckbourn. But then what do critics know. It's bound to be great fun and I for one am looking forward to it.

I see that in September the Old Vic is reviving the "Norman Conquests", a series of 3 Ayckbourn plays with the action involving the same cast but from a different person's point of view each time. I recommend it.

There are quiz sheets on sale at 1 each at the shop to help raise funds for the new Pavilion. The theme is General Knowledge and be warned, there are some cryptic questions.

People assume that I know everything about what goes on in the village. If only they knew how woefully ignorant I am. I once read the phrase 'fascinated by their own ignorance'- that's me. The only thing you can be sure about when you get old is how little you know about anything. I don't for example know who 'LD' is from whom I have received the following. "I would like to say a huge thank you to Fred Ham and all the coaches that are involved in the Sedlescombe Rangers Junior Football Team. In an age where young people get a huge amount of criticism and adults are accused of apathy it is good to see this is not the case as far as the junior football organisation is concerned. At tournaments Fred, his team, referees, friends and families work hard, giving their time freely to make such events a big success. Football is not only a skill learnt, good gamesmanship is also a priority, the proof of this being Fred Ham's team being awarded the trophy for Good Sportsmanship last weekend. Thanks to everyone involved in the Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club, your time and efforts are appreciated.

I am sure the village would like to echo this. The junior footballers participation adds an enormous amount of enjoyment and interest at the annual Fayre.

For the benefit of the lone contributor to a 'quiz' in the Sedlescombe News while it was under my watch the answers are: Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities", Shakespeare's "Richard III", Hartley's "The Go-Between", Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Betjeman's "In a Bath Teashop". He/she got three right so we have a partial egghead at least in the village.