Seven ways to save money this winter

Spent up families can get their finances back on track after the expense of Christmas and the New Year thanks to seven top thrift tips from a team of experts.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 4:39 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:13 am
Turning the heating down will help reduce bills

The money savers at have put together some easy hacks to make limited funds stretch further this month.

From bringing your own lunch, to staying in and skipping the takeaway coffee – the list focuses on simple lifestyle changes anyone can make to survive until pay day.

“It’s not a case of eating beans on toast every day, it’s a case of being mindful of money and living within your means. One simple change won’t seem like a lot on its own, but together the changes will make a difference,” said a spokesperson at

Here are the experts’ top money-saving hacks to help you save £250 a month:

Skip the morning takeaway coffee – save £40

As much as it’s nice to have that takeaway morning coffee, using the free office kitchen facilities is definitely a cheaper option.

The average price of a coffee from a popular coffee shop chain is £2.50, times that by five and it’s a £10 spend on hot beverages per week, that’s £40 a month that can be better spent elsewhere.

Walk to work – £15

So many people take the car when their place of work is within walking distance of a mile or two.

By walking, people can save an average of £15 a week on petrol, not to mention it’s great exercise too.

Stay in – save £34

Instead of going out for a meal once a week that can cost in excess of £15 a time– invite friends over and cook, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

A filling favourite like chicken fajitas costs around £3 for a kit that serves four and chicken breasts cost around £3.50, that’s £1.60 a head.

Once finished, have fun the old-fashioned way and play board games or card games.

Go sober – save £120

Ditching the booze and having a healthy few weeks is not a bad idea. An average night out can cost in excess of £30 and if done once a week, could cost around £120 a month. Save money and empty calories this January, not to mention the hefty taxi fares by taking the car.

Take lunch to work - £12.50

Supermarket £3.50 meal deals may sound like a cheap lunch, but over a working week this racks up at £17.50 for a daily sandwich, crisps and drink. Not to mention the high salt, sugar and fat content in takeaway sandwiches. Making lunch at home works out far cheaper per week and for a basic white loaf, sliced ham pack and a block of cheddar it’s around £5.

Turn the heating down - £7 a month

Yes, it’s the coldest time of the year but heating bills can be reduced if one dresses smartly. Fluffy socks, polar necks and snuggly dressing gowns have all the makings of a cosy night in and turning the thermostat down, even by one degree could cut annual heating bills by 10 per cent- saving around £85 a year and £7 a month.

Save water – £21.50

Saving water is another way to crackdown on spending - if a family of four spent just one minute less in the shower daily, it could save £100 per year and £8 a month.

And if a dual flush mechanism is fitted on an old toilet, it could save nearly £150 a year and £13.50 a month. Every little helps.