Sheep attacked by dog at Playden

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Police are seeking the owner of a dog that attacked sheep near Playden.

The German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois dog was spotted in fields in the Bowlers Town area, off the A268 Rye Road.

It was standing by the two badly injured sheep around 10.30am on Monday November 24, but ran off when approached by the landowner.

It was black and tan and wearing a black harness with a large silver disc attached to its collar.

One of the sheep died at the scene and the other had to be put down due to the severity of its injuries.

PC Jessica Crump said: “Nobody was seen with this dog, but we are very concerned that it may attack again and we are keen to trace the owner to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

“Was your dog missing between 8.15 and 10.30am on Monday? It may have returned covered with blood. Do you recognise the description of the dog?

“If so, please contact us at or call 101 quoting serial 468 of 24/11.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Dogs should always be kept under full control, ideally on leads, especially whilst walking where there is livestock.

“Owners also need to check their own boundary fences and keep their dogs contained within their own property.

“Any dog worrying sheep on farmland can be shot by farmers in order to protect their livestock.

Statistics obtained by Farmer’s Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act showed reported dog attacks on livestock increased from 691 in 2011 to 739 in 2012 but the figure could be higher.