Shock at knife found in supermarket plant

A COUPLE were shocked to find an open lock knife in a basil plant they had bought from a supermarket.

Patricia-Ann Last, from John’s Cross, went into Tesco Extra in Hastings last Thursday morning (March 22) and picked up the plant for the kitchen windowsill.

But when she got home and took the cellophane off, the 62-year-old found a nasty surprise lurking in the leaves.

Her husband Gerald, 65, said: “The knife was open, laying on the top of the plant amongst the leaves.

“It was lucky she did not cut her hand when she took the cellophane wrapping off.

“It’s about as long as your hand when you hold it open.”

Mr Last added: “She was in complete shock.

“She could not believe what she was seeing.”

The couple, who live in Battle Road, contacted Tesco’s head office.

Mr Last said: “We did phone the head office and they did not want to know.

“We managed to get the details of the Hastings branch and they wanted details and for us to bring it back to them.

“The manager was checking all the plants in the store to make sure there was no others in there, which is highly unlikely, I would have thought!”

The Observer contacted Tesco’s head office for a comment, but the company did not respond before we went to press.

Pictured right: Patricia-Ann Last, known as Patsy, with the knife she found in a basil plant. dh13020