Should the council withdraw ‘climate emergency’ as facts debunk warming myth

CLIMATE CHNGE MARCH BRIGHTON & HOVE 20-9-19 SUS-190920-141138001
CLIMATE CHNGE MARCH BRIGHTON & HOVE 20-9-19 SUS-190920-141138001

From: Thomas Rainboro, Marley Lane, Battle

I was greatly saddened to read in the Hastings Observer that our council has been caught up in the hysteria generated by the climate change lobby by declaring a ‘climate emergency’.

How much of our money will they spend, or have they spent, based on a discreditable hypothesis that mankind’s production of C02 will cause catastrophic climate warming.

However, the hypothesis has one redeeming factor and that is it can be tested, and I do so as follows.

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere at the moment is 400ppm. If we compare this value with the Jurassic period in Earth’s history, the concentration of CO2 was 2,000ppm - five times what it is today.

However, the temperature was a mere 18 degrees C. No boiling furnace here. We might ask ourselves how was the planet doing in the Jurassic with this huge concentration of CO2. The answer is it was thriving. Many species of dinosaur were charging around eating lovely tree ferns and cycads. We can also consider other periods, such as the Triassic that had CO2 levels of 2,500ppm and a temperature of 22 degrees C, or the Ordovician, that had CO2 levels of 3,000ppm and a modest temperature of 17 degrees C. As in the Jurassic, life on Earth was thriving not frying during these periods.

These verifiable data completely disproves the hypothesis that an increase in CO2 will result in a catastrophic rise in temperature.

I ask the council to take on board the data above which disproves conclusively that an increase in CO2 will bring a catastrophic increase in temperature and withdraw their climate emergency nonsense.

I also hope that our readers, who may be genuinely worries about the hysterical hype from the climate change lobby, may find comfort in the scientific facts above that show high CO2 levels do not drive out of control temperature rise. A web search will verify all of the data given in this letter.