Show brings Darwin to life at Rye on Sunday night

SHAKESPEAREAN actor Christopher Robbie takes on the role of Charles Darwin in a one-man show as part of Rye Festival on Sunday at 7pm.

The Victorian scientist was famed for his theory of evolution by natural selection.

For four years Christopher Robbie was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, during which time he played the title role in King Lear.

He has made television appearances in Taggart, London’s Burning and One Foot in the Grave.

The play touches lightly on Darwin the scientist and then focuses in on Darwin the man. Likeable and deeply thoughtful, he did not set out to contradict the Bible or rock the establishment. Yet his theory of evolution by natural selection had tremendous impact in its day and is still a powerful tool today in the study of life, past and present, on this planet.

The play, Beyond Paradise - The Wild Life of a Gentle Man, takes place at Rye Community Centre and Tickets can be booked through the box office or by phone on 01797 224442.