Spate of deaths on Sussex roads

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are being urged to take extra care on the roads after a spate of serious and fatal crashes in Sussex.

There have been five fatal crashes in December alone and officers are encouraging road users to be aware of others around them when they are out and about.

One man died after being struck by a lorry at Newhaven and there was a double fatal at Hands Cross when a vehicle left the road and hit a tree.

Road conditions are often poorer at this time of year because of rain, strong winds and fallen leaves causing the carriageway to have less grip than in other months.

The low sun is also reducing visibility and causing glare in both the morning during rush hour and in the afternoons.

Sussex Police have said there is no one issue that is causing collisions but they are urging people to give themselves extra time to make their journeys during the winter months and to take into consideration the road conditions.

Motorists are encouraged to check their vehicles are roadworthy before they start journeys, including making sure their windscreen wipers and lights are working and that their tyres are properly inflated and have plenty of grip.

They are also being urged to reduce their speed, increase their stopping distances and to be alert for how other road users are being affected by the conditions.

Cyclists are being encouraged to wear high visibility clothing and make sure they can see and be seen on the roads, as well as regularly checking their bikes are in a good condition and to be aware of other road users.

Pedestrians are being asked to take extra care on slippy pavements and when they are crossing the road, including giving vehicles extra time to stop before stepping into the road.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas,

from Sussex and Surrey roads policing unit, said: “There have sadly been a number of people who have died after being involved in collisions in the county in recent weeks, including four people in one week alone just before Christmas.

“Please take extra care on your journey and behave responsibly. Don’t just think about your safety but how what you do could affect other people on the roads.

“There has not been one single factor that has caused the fatal collisions but we want to help everyone to use the roads more safely to try to prevent anyone else being hurt or killed.”

If you see a vehicle being driven dangerously call 999. To report a vehicle being driven antisocially text 65999 or report it at