Spotting spooks in Rye is becoming the new craze

Rye Apparaition SUS-140403-110452001
Rye Apparaition SUS-140403-110452001

A NEW breed of Ghostbuster have taken to haunting the town’s streets at night hoping to get a glimpse of one of its many resident apparitions.

Many people have been inspired by guided Ghost Walks organised by Rye Heritage Centre and have subsequently gone out on their own armed with cameras to see what they could record.

Some of the night photography results have been fascinating revealing shadowy shapes and strange glowing spheres in locations such as Lion Street and cobbled Mermaid Street.

Heritage Centre manager Peter Cosstick said: “Our tour includes spending some time in the Ypres Tower and some guests also took some unexplained photography inside the Tower.”

Visitor Anthea Hall captured a strange glowing sphere and said: “I took a picture from the junction of Mermaid Street and Traders Passage, looking up towards The Mermaid Inn.

“I looked at the photo and noticed what I thought was the moon in the photo though I don’t remember seeing a moon.”

Claire Neale took a picture in February (shown right) which seemed to show a strange pale shape hanging in the air.

Peter Cosstick said: “Claire came on the March ghost tour but took the picture two weeks prior while staying in the Mermaid.

“The tour enticed Claire to come back to Rye with her family.”

He added: “Although our 2013/14 ghost tour season has just finished we start again in October.

These are in high demand and pre-booking is essential.New dates will be released on our website during early August.”