Anne Reed

Forge House, Cripps Corner

Ewhurst Parish may be a rather small area in comparision to many of the others in the surrounding area, but it does appear to have a lot going on within it’s borders. This glorious weather certainly helped to ensure that

the annual summer fair of Staplecross Primary School, held on their own playing field last Saturday, was a great success.The air was filled with the greatest sound of all, that of children laughing and enjoying themselves as they made the most of a wonderful and fun-filled afternoon. They clambered over and around the inflatable obstacle course,to huge merriment as to some, it proved not as easy as it seemed, but much encouragement was shouted out to keep them going, and they did, all afternoon. What stamina and perseverance. More cheers and guidance came from the ever popular Football Penalty Shoot Out activity. This was serious business indeed as the next Beckham, Rooney or whoever the current football hero is, lined up to take their shot. Strategy, paces and angles were all carefully considered and worked out. Sometimes they worked, sometimes, they didn’t. but amidst cheers and a few groans, a great time was had by all. Friends and family cheered them on from the sidelines but at the end it was a very close finish with Blade Dunford coming first, followed admirably by Will Harley. All the side stalls were very attended, with plenty for everyone to enjoy. Hook a duck; face painting; hair braiding and the cute Thomas the Tank train rides; raffle and the tombola stalls appealed to all and sundry.The crockery smashing stall seemed to attract a lot of attention! To see such fierce concentration and aggression shown in completing this task was amazing to witness. With the children’s production of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream not too far away, these activities must be a wonderful way to finish the school end of term.

More outside sport in the shape of outdoor bowls, on Saturday July 13 sees Staplecross Bowls Club on their home ground playing Ninfield, with a 2.30pm start. The following day SUNDAY 14th.JULY finds the club playing an away match in Tenterden, again with a 2.30pm start.The Club will be back at home on Wednesday July 17 where the match will begin at 6pm, this time the opponents will be Northiam.What a busy little club this is.For all further information regarding fixtures and/or further events planned, or even enquiries about joining, please contact Margaret on 01424 428734.

Sunday July 14 finds our Staplecross Stoolball Club taking part in the Civil Service Tournament being held at Bexhill. This game will start at 10.30am and promises to be a thrilling match for all concerned.At the recent Staplecross Tournament, held on June 30, this was won by the host club (namely Staplecross) with Brightling being the runner~up. Will Staplecross be able to stay on the winning streak? Let’s hope so. have faith! On Thurday July 18 our stalwart stoolball players journey to Pett, where commencing at 7pm, they will enjoy another game of this very Sussex, but becoming more popular throughout England, exciting and energetic sport. Results to follow soon.

Following on from their afternoon outing, last Tuesday July 9, where the Staplecross WI visited King John’s Lodge, in Etchingham, in support of St Michael’s Hospice, these lovely ladies will be gathering at St Marks Church Room, Northiam Road, Staplecross on Tuesday July 16 for their monthly craft meeting.This meeting commences at 2.30pm with (I know from experience) plenty of laughter amidst the crafty goings on! This lively and very friendly group of ladies will again be off on an outing on Tuesday July 23. This time to the Lavender Farm. For all details on joining this very noble ‘band of beauties’, and to learn more about their full and varied programme please contact Ann Prodinger on 01580~831944.

The very friendly Staplecross Luncheon Club will meet on Wednesday July 17 for another very enjoyable meal.Held on the third week of each month in the Staplecross Village Hall, The diners will meet, greet and eat at 12.30pm. This lovely little group offers delicious two-course meals, followed by coffee or tea for a meagre sum of £5:50.To enjoy these yummy offerings all you have to do is be over 50 years of age!. Just contact Anka on 01580~830260.

For a more tranquil form of excercise, why not consider joining the yoga class? This is also held at the Staplecross Village Hall, every Thursday evening from 5.30pm until 7pm. Yoga teaches you to be still and calm your mind, which enables you to relax. It also gives you an opportunity to strengthen your body and improve your posture. Which can only be good for you, can’t it? The classes are run by a qualified local teacher who is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga and is open to all ages and ability. Each session is only £6 if booking a full term, but a ‘drop in’ price is available. Let yoga practise put back what life can sometimes take out. Contact Mandy on 01580 830288.

It’s coming up to the end of term for the Staplecross Pre-School Playgroup where the staff will be saying a fond farewell to six of their little charges who will be going off to ‘big’ school! This local, very caring, and very friendly, village activity is a privately run playgroup for children aged two to five years. Organised within a small setting, with a maximum of 12 children per session and a high adult -child ratio of 3:1. All the staff are qualified in child care and have been CRB checked. They are Ofsted registered, and their latest inspection can be found on the Ofsted website. This little playgroup richly deserves the report from Ofsted which comments “Children thrive in the stimulating, friendly environment. They are happy, confident and are developing good self-esteem as a result of the careful attention to identifying and meeting their individual needs. The hall is very attractively organised to stimulate children’s imaginations and there is a very good range of resources available for them to access independently. The children concentrate well as they play,often breaking out into song.” There are some vacancies for three and four-year-olds in September when they re-open for the autumn term.T here are some spaces available on some days but have a waiting list for others. This Pre~School Playgroup is also taking part in the governments’ new inititive to fund places for two-year-olds when this comes into effect in September 2013.If the child ( or the family,) meets the criteria as set down by the government, they could be entitled to 15 hours per week free childcare. There is also EYEE funding for three and four-year-olds and holiday clubs available. Open every weekday, term times, throughout the year, from 9am until 3pm. This is a delightful, quality Playgroup which offers home from home atmosphere where children thrive and the staff firmly believe that children learn through play! Please contact Jo Perkins (owner/manager) on 07979 ~ 481383 for all details.

East Sussex Libraries have thrown out a challenge to our younger readers, well, four to 11-year-olds really. They are asking them to take part in the Creepy House ~Summer Reading Challenge 2013. The libraries are asking if they are ready to tackle the Creepy House, the Awful Upstairs, the Gruesome Ground Floor, and the Spine-tingling Cellar. An adventure around every corner, they say!. Seems, very Harry Potterish! To join the adventurers and to meet some of the other hair-raising residents, the children need to read six great books that can be borrowed from your local library. There’s a Creepy House poster, stickers and other rewards to collect along the way and a fantastic medal and certificate when you finish. The young ones can join the Creepy House Challenge in all of East Sussex Libraries from Saturday July 13 until Saturday September 14. Look out for all the free events along the way on their website at or call 0345~6080196 for more information. Sounds great fun!

Church services for Ewhurst Parish will take place on Sunday July 14th. Trinity 7 beginning at St.James the Great in Ewhurst Green at 9.30am Holy Communion (BCP) This will be followed by 11.15am Morning Praise at St.Marks Church in Staplecross. The following week, Sunday July 21 Trinity 8 - there will be a service beginning at 9.30am. Holy Communion, again at St James the Great in Ewhurst Green. There will be no service at St Marks Church in Staplecross. All these services will be now be taken by the Reverend Gordon Winchester. Do please telephone Gordon with any questions about baptisms, weddings or any other matter. The Rectory telephone number is 01580 830268. If he’s out and about, and he frequently is, he will return your call as soon as possible.

This glorious weather, of which we English love to talk about, seems set to be here for a little while, So, whether you’ll soon be off on your annual holidays, or having a short break away or just simply a day out, here and there, Make the most of the time off and relax and enjoy yourself, and may the sun shine for you all.

Please let me know any events that you are planning and that you would like to see publicised and I’ll do my best to get them put in print. As always, please allow two weeks or so, prior to the event, in order to fully maximise coverage.