Anne Reed

Forge House, Cripps Corner

It would appear that even this unreliable English summer weather of ours,couldn’t stop the Ewhurst Parish residents and their guests, from enjoying their long awaited celebration of the opening of the Arthur Herdman Pavilion in Ewhurst Green last Saturday. Unpredicable at worst, madcap at best the weather changed almost in the blink of a eye from almost unbearably scorching hot to horrendously noisy thunderstorms to manic rain deluges, flattening everything underfoot, and then back again.This wonderful little sports/community building was officially opened by Cllr Ian Jenkins, Chairman of the Rother District Council. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control down on his farm, Mr Hamish Monroe,Chairman of the WARR Partnership, without whose help and guidance on grants etc would have prolonged the completion of this building, was sadly, unable to attend. After many kind words, the ribbon was cut and all were allowed in to see for themselves just what projects can be achieved by communities working together. Everyone who was involved in bringing this pavilion to fruition, in whatever capacity,deserves a huge pat on the back. Did the weather deter the community from enjoying all that was on offer at the celebrationary barbecue that followed? No, of course not! It didn’t matter how many times the hay bales were put back undercover, everyone was determined to enjoy themselves. Many local charities will benefit from the monies raised at this special festivity, which always gives a “feelgood factor” and is always a worthwhile thing to do. With the enticing pork roast, burgers, sausages and other foods on offer and a well stocked bar together with the foot tapping, jiggery music provided by the wonderful Balleregan Boys it was simply a great success and justly deserved. This lovely little pavilion will soon be available to hire, in due course, for a number of activities. Just watch this space...

Those intrepid members of the Rother Ramblers are out and about a great deal this month. First walk of August sees them meeting at South Hill Barn, Seaford on Thursday August 1 at 10.15am for a circular seven-and-a-half mile walk from Hope Gap to High and Over, wonderful views all round and dogs are permitted.Take a picnic lunch. Contact Margaret or Stephen on 01424~223482 for all further information. On Saturday August 3. at the Ramblers are ‘ going west at Stonegate’ This is a slightly longer route of 9 miles, just as lovely though and all are meeting at the Stonegate Railway Station. Again with a picnic lunch and dogs are permitted.Contact Janet on 01424 420570 for more information on this.For beginners or those who would like to refresh themselves again on the joys of walking with friendly company, a perhaps more leisurely ramble of ‘only’ five miles is offered on Tuesday August 6. Commencing at 6.30pm, where all interested parties are meeting at the layby outside the Wartling Village Hall at Boreham Street and with the enticing promise of drinks and crisps at the Bull afterwards, this short, circular walk around Boreham Street area with its magnificient views promises a little treat for everyone. Again dogs are permitted and Rita and Lionel are the ones to contact on 01424752452 for more information. For more of what is on offer in the coming months email:

Staying ouside still, and hurtling around a field in Icklesham, those energetic members of the Staplecross Stoolball Club will be playing away to Icklesham Stoolball Club. Play will commence at 11am. but after a day’s rest will find them back home in Staplecross, at the Playing Field in Northiam for a 6.45pm match against Hooe.Come along and support your favourites and cheer them on to your heart’s content and always very much appreciated.

Following a rather busy, last few days, the friendly Staplecross Bowls Club is at home and host to St. Leonards on Wednesday August 7. Commencing at 2.30pm this 4T match is part of the Mermaid League. Friday August 9 sees the Stoolball Team their opponents for a friendly 4T away match, commencing at 6.15pm. The following day SATURDAY AUGUST 10th. sees the teams venturing forth to Rye for another 4T round of the Mermaid League. The start time for this match is 2.30pm... all match results in due course.

I have had a very charming notification from a local resident, of what promises to be a most interesting event. Taking place in St Mary’s Centre, Main Street in Rye from Monday August 5 until Saturday August 10 will be a major exhibition of photographs exploring the wonderous treasure trove of beauty and historical interest to be found in the 14 churches on the Romney Marsh. It is believed that a photographic study on this scale, and of this nature, has not been attempted here before. This exhibition is not intended to be just a collection of photographs, however ‘pretty and interesting’ these images are, but to explore detail and take a look at the history which has shaped these churches into the buildings we see today. Hopefully, having seen the photographs, displayed so beautifully, it is hoped that viewers will then be encouraged to visit any or preferably all, of these memorable churches, and discover for themselves, this amazing and historical treasure house on our very own doorstep. Entrance to this exhibition is free and the exhibition is open from 10am until 4pm. Not only could it be an enchanting exhibition in it’s own right, but like a lot of displays, could stimulate you to explore other further interests in the future.

Now, like many villages across the region, it’s nearing that time of year again when the thespians of the Parish of Ewhurst, will be putting their thinking caps back on instead of the sunhats so recently worn, to help them decide what Pantomime to do for this year. Sadly, those lovely, loyal members of SCATS (Staplecross Amateur Theatrical Society to the uninitiated readers) find themselves with a problem. The problem they have is not enough of you budding artists are coming forward to offer your skills at ‘treading the boards’. They seem to have endless wonderful children willing to get up and have a go, and we all know, we cannot do without them, but sadly, not enough adults, and without the adults, its very hard to put on a production of some sort. Last year, the Pantomime went well with the cast we had available to us, but naturally, we feel it could be even better with just a few more willing and able people to take part. You don’t have to have a massive speaking part, or to even act the fool, as being in the chorus is just as important a job as being the leading Lady or Man, or other main characters. It takes a lot of organizing to put on a panto. or a show and with the roles of producers, prompts and organisers taken out of those adults we do have, our numbers have somewhat depleted. We also have those actors that have now retired from the limelight, but are willing to take up other roles such as front of house, adding to our dilemma. If SCATS cannot find enough people to put on a production this year, then we will have to defer the Pantomime until hopefully, the following year, when maybe, if more people have come forward, we will have enough people interested in taking part, to put on another production. Another position has fallen vacant, that of wardrobe mistress/master. due to that stalwart member, Theresa Matthews who is also retiring.~ so this company are also looking for some people to help with the costumes. This lady has done such a sterling job for many years and really deserves her ‘retirement ‘. It would be such a great shame to see these very popular productions come to an end as they give such a lot of enjoyment to so many. Please look out for the date of a meeting that this little band of troupers will be holding, at the beginning of September 2013. in order to discuss the outcome of this heartfelt PANTO PLEA ! Please, think about this over the next few weeks, and if you feel that you, or someone you know, may be interested in joining this merry band of performers, in whatever capacity, ~ but preferably on the acting side, please give Pauline Scowen a call on 01580 830570. SCATS would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and hope they will have it for a few more years to come.

Church services will only be at St. James the Great, Ewhurst Green on SUNDAY AUGUST 4th. Trinity 10. at 9.30am Holy Communion. There will be no service at St.Mark, Northiam Road, Staplecross until next month. For any questions about baptisms, weddings or other matters, do please contact Gordon at the Rectory on 01580 830268.

As always, if you would like me to assist in spreading the news about your function, fund-raiser, a special celebration, a show, or any item of interest, please contact me as soon as possible, ~ it’s never too early, ~ to allow for as much coverage as possible. Contact me by ‘phone 01580~831881 or by email on