Anne Reed,

Football fever, it would appear,along with the rest of the nation, has definitely come to stay within the community of Ewhurst Parish as anyone who may be passing the Herdman Playing Field in Ewhurst Green, on a Saturday morning can bear witness to. This site is now the proud possessor of a fantastic new sports pavilion which is home to Ewhurst United Junior Football Club. That ‘Small but Mighty’- enthusiastic and dedicated group of youngsters like nothing better than to play football, and Saturday mornings between 10am and 12 noon are when the coaching sessions for all local youngsters between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age take place. Charges for these sessions are just £2:00 per person. It is now a few weeks since these sessions re-commenced and Coach Dave Perkins, (ably assisted by his old protege, Tom Saunters ) is ‘as pleased as punch’ to say that thanks to the great turn out of youngsters wanting to be included in these coaching sessions, for the first time ever, he is able to put money back into the club! Numbers of players attending these ‘grass root’ football coaching sessions are slowly creeping up and any youngsters eager to learn and be part of this great little club will always be warmly welcomed. Dave is currently negotiating several football tournaments between local schools much to the delight and excitement of all concerned. Any school interested in playing friendly football matches please call Dave Perkins on 01580~830469 where he would really love to arrange future fixtures between other like minded lovers of ‘the beautiful game’.

Ewhurst Parish Council have been approached by local horse riders regarding the dangerous crossing joining the bridleway from Staplecross to Salehurst, across Junction Road. Ideas have been put forward as to how best to approach this problem, however, to make any further progress the Parish Council needs to prove a need in the community. If you are interested in being involved in this project or would benefit from the Bridleways being joined in a safer manner, please contact the Parish Clerk via his email: marking it ‘Staplecross Bridleway’. Another topic close to the hearts of all and sundry just lately, is the rising energy costs used within our homes and businesses. To this end, Ewhurst Parish Council has set up a working group to encourage households within the parish to join together and create a utilities buying group. To get this project started, it is proposed to group together an amount of household heating oil as required by individuals, as a group, we can then negotiate a better price per litre. We intend to arrange a delivery of this first heating oil towards the end of October. In the future, it is hoped that we can use the same principle for other utility bills. If you are interested in this scheme and would like to join this parish group, please contact, as before, our Parish Clerk, on: . Would you please mark the subject ‘Utilities Group and enclose your name and address.

We may have noticed the weather changing and the temperatures dropping, ~ how can we have not ? and this may make many people think that hibernation shouldn’t just be for some creatures, but this hasn’t detered those intrepid travellers that form Rother Ramblers. Two more interesting walks have been arranged for our enjoyment and where the glorious ever-changing autumnal vista is there for our delight and admiration. The first is on SUNDAY OCTOBER 20th and will be a 9.5 circular walk from Forest Row to Holtye. Meeting in the Forest Row Community Centre car park at a picnic lunch is recommended and as usual, your dog is welcome to accompany you. Please contact Adrian on 01273~514226 for all further details. The second stride out is slightly less in mileage, a mere 6.5 miles and this will take place on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23rd. Arranged as a Ninfield walkabout, this group are to meet at in the Blacksmith Inn car park. A pub lunch after the walk if wished, is suggested and once again, your four legged friend is permitted to jog along with you. For any further information regarding this walk, do

please telephone Jane on 01424~733300.

Only a few more days to go until all around us the sounds of loud and sudden noises, and bright and brilliant explosions bombard us. People of all shapes and sizes and ages appear in weird, wonderful and sometimes quite frankly positively goulish costumes. Pumpkins adorn our doorsteps with amazing patterns cut out and lit for all to see and admire and children flit from house to house demanding, in the nicest possible way, a “Trick or Treat”. To what am I referring to? ~ Of course, It’s Bonfire Night!. Although, strictly speaking, ‘Trick or Treating’ really belongs to our friends across the water, in the U.S.A. we do appear to have embraced this tradition and in doing so, have added another celebration to our own English social calendar. This year the Ewhurst & Staplecross Bonfire Society have arranged another fantastic nights enjoyment for one and all. Taking place on SATURDAY OCTOBER 26th.this exciting evening procession with music, torches, costumes and floats promises to be a really splendid affair. Kickstarting the first of many such torchlight events throughout the county, the Ewhurst & Staplecross Bonfire Society pride themselves on the family friendly nature of their event and family participation is always encouraged,~ but it is nevertheless a traditional Sussex torchlight procession followed by a fantastic firework display and by it’s very nature it will be loud,very busy, with unexpected and sudden noises constantly occurring. You may consider that this event is not suitable for babies and young children to attend. If you do come along, and we’d love to see you, please remember to observe the safety measures put in place for your well-being. ~ Stay behind any barriers erected .~Comply with any instructions given to you by the Chief Marshal or Safety Officer and their team of marshals, who will be wearing high-visibility jackets. ~Only members of Bonfire Societies or those who have entered the Fancy Dress Competition, may march in the procession. ~Lighted torches may only be carried by members of Bonfire Societies in the procession who are 12 years of age and over. All members of Bonfire Societies aged 12 to 15 years, carrying a lighted torch, must be accompanied by an adult.~NO members of the public are permitted to handle torches. ~Keep a safe distance from the procession and all flaming torches.Discarded torches and flares remain very hot and should NOT be handled. Officials will be along to clear away these in the proper manner during the course of the evening procession.Please remember, there will be a huge crowd during this event, so DO NOT let off your own fireworks. This is a dangerous and stupid practise and can cause lasting damage to the unsuspecting public,in more ways than one. Please also remember, Staplecross is a rural village.~ there are NO streetlights! and whilst this adds to the brilliance of the torches and firework display, it also makes it dificult to walk in the dark along unfamiliar pathways, so take extra care and perhaps bring along a torch to help guide you back to your car at the end of your evening. The main roads through Staplecross will be closed between 7pm and 10pm. If you park in the Village Hall car park, Cricketers Field or Forge Lane, you should be aware that you will not be able to leave the area in your vehicle until the road closure is lifted. (which may be later than 10pm, to allow pedestrians to leave the area safely). Please do NOT park on the road, free parking is available next to the Cross Inn, but no overnight parking permitted. Timings for this event are ~5.30pm. At the Village Hall, Fancy Dress entrants enter for judging. ~6pm. Judging of competition. ~7pm. Procession forms up outside the Cross Inn. ~7.15pm sharp ~Torchlit Procession moves off from Staplecross towards Cripps Corner then returns to the Bonfire Field. ( There is an admission fee of £1:00 per person and it will be worth every penny ) ~8.30pm. Gigantic Bonfire is lit followed at 9pm by the Grand Firework Display. Members of the Sussex Police Force and the Ambulance Service will all be on hand to help and guide you throughout the evening, ~ let’s hope you don’t need either. These events are tremendously popular and attract huge crowds but can be a bit intimidating to our wee ones, so do take extra care but have a magical, enjoyable and safe evening.

It seems that the folk down at the Brede High Woods, at Cripps Corner are entering a slow, quiet phrase of their yearly calendar. Those fabulous trees are putting on a superb display of their glorious colours just for our delight and there’s something wonderful about having a tramp through the woods during this season. How quickly the time goes by and once again the Volunteer Task Day arrives on SUNDAY OCTOBER 27th. All and any help given will be greatfully accepted by the members of the Taskforce who do such a wonderful job in protecting and preserving these ancient woods for our benefit.So if you can lend a hand, between and on that date, please contact Sue at her email: tanglebrain63@tiscali

Church Services for the Ewhurst Parish community will only be held at St. James the Great in Ewhurst Green on SUNDAY OCTOBER 20th. Trinity 21. Commencing at 9.30am with Holy Communion and conducted by Reverend Gordon Winchester. There is no service at St. Marks, in Staplecross. Please contact Gordon on 01580~830268 on any matters relating to Baptism, weddings or other not so joyfull occasions. He’ll always do what he can to be of help and service.

As usual, I’ll say again, that if I can help spread the word about any event you are planning, and remember, Christmas is just around the corner,~ please contact me and I’ll do my very best to help you reach as many as possible. It’s never too early, so please, just get in touch.