COMMUNITY NEWS & VIEWS: Some exciting and well deserved news is now available for the community to cheer at. Many of you may well remember the flurry of activities that took place in and around Ewhurst Green during the recent summer months when many of the residents came together to enter their village in the South & South East ‘IN BLOOM’ competition. As a result of all their hard work,- the planning,- the organising,- including all the repetitive work which always goes on unseen,- the seemingly endless chores in preparing the village to look it’s best whilst under the ever watchful & all-knowing eyes of the judges on ‘judging day’, it was all worth while as Ewhurst Green came out tops in it’s class. At the S.S.E.I.B. Awards Ceremony, held on Friday September 11th at the Amex Stadium, in Falmer, Brighton, the two lady co-ordinators who were mostly responsible for this success, Maggie Whitaker & Susie Hewer, were delighted to attend and Maggie is proud to pass on this report; - “At yesterdays do, for South & South East In Bloom, we (Ewhurst Green) won a ‘Silver Gilt’ award with 163 points out of 200, - If we had achieved 170 points, we would have been awarded ‘Gold’. We also won the award for top entry in the ‘villages’ section. The area covered by S.S.E.I.B. is quite considerable and includes Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight with bits of Dorset & Wilshire thrown in for good measure,- so potentially, quite a lot of competition, but we were the only entry this year, but,-- best of all, - WE WON the East Sussex County award for the highest number of points given to an entry ! We beat Battle, Bexhill-on-Sea, Hailsham, Hampden Park, (a suburb of Eastbourne), Rottingdean and Brighton. This is a fantastic achievement ! The judges remarks on our assessment forms praised the churchyard of St. James the Great;- the hanging baskets of The White Dog Inn;- the new village sign;- the Herdman field;- Bodiam Railway Station and the overall community involvement in getting stuck in!.” The contents of the ‘assessment report’ and those ‘bloomers’ who were awarded ‘Certificates of Excellence’ for their tireless work in helping to achieve this great success will be announced in next weeks column.~~~ so ‘Watch This Space’.

EWHURST, STAPLECROSS & BODIAM GARDEN SOCIETY: The results of the recent Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Show, held recently in the Staplecross Village Hall have now been confirmed and are as follows;-Beginning with the ‘Vegetable’ section- Class 1-Four Onions - the winner was Pam Underhill. Class 2-Nine Shallots was also won by Pam Underhill. Class 3-Four Potatoes-coloured -was again won by Pam Underhill, 2nd was Chris Stevens and 3rd Ella Wood. Class 4-Four Potatoes-white- Ella Wood was the worthy winner with Keith Bishop in second place. Class 5-Four Tomatoes, excluding small fruited type -the class was won by Ann Brookes, Chris Stevens came in 2nd with Keith Bishop in 3rd place. Class 6-Four Tomatoes, novelty, small or coloured- the class was won by Peter Lynam in 2nd place was Ann Brookes and Maggie Whitaker came in 3rd. Class 7-Seven Runner Beans, the winner was Pam Dance, 2nd place was Peter Lynam and 3rd place was taken by Ella Wood. Class 8-Three Leeks was won by Pam Underhill. Class 9-Two Courgettes- the class was won by Pam Dance. Sadly -No entries for Class 10. Class 11-Three Beetroot, Pam Underhill was again the worthy winner, with Ann Brookes a close 2nd place. Class 12-Any other indoor vegetable-The class win was taken by Fiona Wouters, Pam Underhill was 2nd with Ann Brookes in 3rd place. Class 13-Any other outdoor vegetable- Winner was Chris Stevens, 2nd place was Maggie Whitaker with Pam Dance in 3rd place. Class 14-Collection or trug of vegetables of exhibitor’s choice- was won by Pam Underhill. Class 15-A collection of not more than 10 named culinary herbs- 1st was Pam Underhill, 2nd was Ann Brookes and 3rd place went to Pam Dance. Class 16-A collection of 3 different vegetables, 3 of each variety, 1st in class was Pam Underhill with Ella Wood taking second place. That takes care of the ‘Vegetable’ section and now onto the ‘Flower Classes’ section. ~ Class 17-Three large flowered roses, of 1 variety, in 1 container- The winner was Pam Underhill, 2nd was Pam Dance and a worthy 3rd place was taken by Ann Brookes. Again, sadly, no entries for Class 18. Class 19-One specimen rose- (members only) -was won by Pam Dance, 2nd place was claimed by Ann Brookes with Chris Stevens taking 3rd place. Class 20-Container of cluster flowered roses and this time the winner was Ann Brookes, 2nd place was taken by Rosemary Stevens and 3rd place went to Pam Underhill. Class 21-Fuschia exhibit, as a pot plant- Winner was Pam Underhill, Ann Brookes was awarded 2nd place with 3rd place being awarded to joan Gilson. Class 22-One stem of each of 3 different kinds of plants, grown for foliage. This class was won by Ann Brookes, Joan Gilson was awarded 2nd place and 3rd place went to Pam Dance. Class 23-A flowering pot plant-not a rose, fuchsia or orchid, This was won by Fiona Wouters, with Pam Underhill in 2nd place and John Wouters in 3rd. - not too much rivalry here we hope !. Class 24-An Orchid pot plant was won by Ann Brookes. Class 25-Container of mixed garden flowers-this was won by Pam Underhill 2nd place went to Ann Brookes and 3rd place went to Pam Dance. Class 26-1 stem of each of 4 distinct kinds of cut garden flowers, this was won by Pam Underhill, 2nd in class was Ann Brookes with Ruth Close in a worthy 3rd place. Class 27-Gladiolus-1 spike. 1st in class was Pam Underhill with Jennie Lynam taking 2nd place. Class 28-A container of 3 dahlias. Pam Underhill was again the winner with Ruth Close taking 2nd place and Jennie Lynam in 3rd place. Class 29-Container of mixed annuals this was won by Pam Underhill. Class 30-Container of 3 hydrangeas was won by Pam Dance with Jennie Lynam in 2nd place and the 3rd place being taken by Maggie Whitaker. Now we arrive at the ‘Fruit’ section.~ Class 31-A dish of any single kind of soft fruit.- Jennie Lynam took 1st place. Class 32-Four apples of any 1 variety. Ann Brookes was the winner here with Pam Underhill in 2nd place and Maggie Whitaker in 3rd place. Class 33-An exhibit of any variety of fruit. Once more Pam Underhill was awarded 1st place, Ann Brookes took 2nd place and Pam Dance took 3rd place. This is the ‘Flower Arranging’ section.~Class 34-An arrangement to include seed heads- Winner Pam Dance, Ann Brookes took 2nd place with Ruth Close gaining 3rd place. Class 35- as previous class but for Novices only and 3rd prize was awarded to Sandy Collins. Class 36-A miniature arrangement,-open to all. Ann Brookes took 1st place and Pam Dance took 3rd place. Sadly there were no entries for Class 37. Now we are in everyones favourite, the ‘Home Produce’ section. Class 38- a Jar of Jam and this was won by Keith Bishop with Pam Underhill in 2nd and Ella Wood taking 3rd place. Class 39- a Jar of Jelly and again Keith Bishop won the class with a joint 2nd as Ella Wood & Pam Underhill shared this position. Class 40- a Jar of Marmalade and this time Ella Wood was awarded 1st place with Fiona Wouters taking 2nd place and Keith Bishop settling for a very commendable 3rd place. Class 41- a Jar of Chutney and Pam Underhill came back into 1st place with Maggie Whitaker taking 2nd and Fiona Wouters in 3rd place. Class 42-Gingerbread, own recipe and Keith Bishop again took 1st prize with Pam Dance in 2nd and Maggie Whitaker in 3rd place. Class 43- A white loaf and Maggie Whitaker took 1st place here with Keith bishop in 2nd place. Class 44- A Quiche and once more Keith Bishop claimed 1st place with Peter Brookes in 2nd place. Class 45- Two Scotch Eggs again was won by Keith Bishop and he also claimed 1st place in Class 46- A Trifle. In Class 47 Your Favourite Traybake, this was won by Maggie Whitaker with Keith Bishop a very creditable 2nd place. Last but certainly NOT least is the final section which is the popular ‘Handicraft’ section and here in Class 48- Any piece of Hand knitting Ella Wood and Susie Hewer both shared 1st place with their beautiful contributions. Class 49- Any piece of crochet or needlework 1st place was taken by Susie Hewer with Linda Lindeman in 2nd place. Sadly there were no entries for Classes 50 and 51. Class 52- Paper craft, and this was won by Pam Dance with Ella Wood claiming 2nd place. The last entry - Class 53- A Photograph of a garden subject was won by Peter Brookes. The lucky but so deservedly ‘Trophy’ winners are: - Class 14 - Chairman’s Prize went to Pam Underhill~ who also won the Class 16 £3:00 gift token. The Member’s Rose Cup was won by Pam Dance and Ann Brookes won both the Clayon Cup and the Mona Beck Trophy. Keith Bishop was the lucky recipient of the Fred Buck Challenge Trophy. The Banksian Medal went to Ann Brookes and Pam Underhill won the Cottagers Cup with Ann Brookes as the runner up. Pam Underhill also won the ESB Challenge Cup. The Parva Cup was won by Ann Brookes as was the Hurley Cup. The Norma Stringer Floral Cup AND the Hughes Silver Challenge were both won by Pam Underhill. This annual show is just one of the highlights of the Gardening Society’s calendar and this year a great number of entries proved how popular this little village show is. For all information on how you can become a member of this warm-hearted friendly and helpful horticultural society, please give the club’s secretary (Ruth) a ring on: 01580~831918. We would all love to welcome you to our group.

STAPLECROSS BOWLS CLUB: Just two (2) more fixtures this week and these will then bring their season to a close. Match no: 1 is a home game against Wadhurst and will be played on Saturday September 19th commencing at 2.30pm, on the club’s beautiful lawns at Northiam Road, Staplecross. The following day Sunday September 20th sees the club play their final fixture which is entitled “Rother Fling”. This is a friendly and dedicated bowls club and if you feel that this might be something of interest to you, then why not give them a ring to find out more about it. Please call Eve on: 01580~830107 or she’ll be delighted to tell you all about them.

ROTHER RAMBLERS: Wrapping up well against all expected and un-expected weather, the members of this stalwart walking group have arranged two more strolls for our enjoyments this week. Beginning with a 12 mile circular walk from Robertsbridge, - walking via Brightling & John’s Cross. Those interested in joining this walk should meet at 10.20am on Sunday September 20th at Robertsbridge train station.OS EXP124. TQ734235. (Sat Nav TN32 5D6) -please note there is a small parking fee on Sundays and the trains from Hastings and Tunbridge Wells both arrive at 10.14am. - hence the start time. A picnic lunch is suggested and for all further details, please contact Tim who will be your ‘walk leader’ for today on 01424~272459 or mobile 07831~768588. Last walk for this week is planned for Wednesday September 23rd and is an 8.5 circular stroll of Glynde. The meeting point is Glynde village car park OS EXP 122. TQ457088. (Sat Nav BN6 6SS) at 10.00am. There will be walking via Mount Caburn and Glyndebourne and a picnic lunch is again suggested. Martin is your ‘walk leader’ for this expedition, so please call him on 01424~752793 for all further information.

HERDMAN ASSOCIATION: This group will be holding their A.G.M. at the Herdman Pavilion in Ewhurst Green on Wednesday September 23rd beginning at 6.30pm. For all those who have an interest in this, you will all be made very welcome. For further information, of this and all events planned for this association, please contact Glenys on 01580~830491 or via her email at Also contact

MOBILE LIBRARY SERVICE: The Mobile Library service van will be arriving in Cricketer’s Field, Staplecross on Thursday September 24th between 1.40pm and 2.10pm before it leaves to serve the residents of Cripps Corner when it will be parked on the car park of the White Hart Inn, (Courtesy of the very kind landlady) between 2.20pm and 2.45pm. Please do make use of this much needed and valuable service as libraries are about more than just books.

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING: Just a little reminder that there will be a delightful coffee morning held in the Village Hall, Northiam Road, Staplecross from 10.0am on Friday September 25th in support of this amazing and very worthy cause. There will be a super raffle, a Tombola stall, a cake stall and a Bric-a-Brac stall, all for your enjoyment and perusal. Please do try to spare a few minutes to come along and enjoy a short while, relaxing amongst friends whilst do your bit to help with this very worthwhile charity. Every little bit of money, gathered today, will go a long way to helping these wonderful nurses continue to provide such a necessary and compassionate service. Please help however you can, - it will always be so much appreciated.

STAPLECROSS M.C.P.SCHOOL: This amazing little village school will be holding their Harvest Festival Service on Friday September 25th at 2.30pm in the delightful local church of St. Mark’s, Northiam Road, Staplecross. The school would like to remind ALL parents and any of their Family Members; Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and especially any Grandparents, that one and all will be very warmly welcomed to join them for this very special event. Preparing for this Harvest Festival Service is part of the children’s R.E. learning, - both in terms of what makes a shared celebration and in how they can help other people. We are joining in with St. Mark’s collection of food for the Battle

Food Bank this year and any suitable items should be sent in to school, the week beginning Monday September 21st. We would also like to invite people living in the village to come along and share in our Harvest Tea, where Year 6 children will help to serve the delicious tea. Please do come along and join in this memorable and blessed service to give thanks for all we have and help us to share it with others. Please contact Head Teacher via her email for more information.

HERDMAN ASSOCIATION: As a result of previous events becoming more popular, another ‘Fun Games Night’ is being arranged to take place on Friday September 25th at the superb little Herdman Pavilion in Ewhurst Green between 6.00pm and 9.00pm Come along and meet old friends and make new ones whilst enjoying a wide range of board games, - both those old, tried and tested games, and the new ‘gotta try’ ones. There will also be games like Table tennis, dominoes, pool-draughts, darts and chess to consider taking on. A licensed bar will be available together with ‘nibbles’. Adults are £2:00 per person, Youngsters are just £1:00 per person and children under 16 go free !. All children must be accompanied by an adult, which makes for a great family evening enjoying precious ‘family time’ together. Come along, try it and see. Once again, please contact Glenys on 01580~830491 or via her email at: She’d love to advise you, however she can. You may also check out their website at for all other events being planned for your enjoyment.

STAPLECROSS VILLAGE HALL: Here is another gentle reminder and this is for the Mammoth Jumble Sale that is due to take place in the Village Hall, Northiam Road, Staplecross on Saturday September 26th beginning at 2.00pm. Held on behalf on the Village Hall funds, there will be many bargains to be made and all for little money. There will also be delicious cakes to buy especially to enjoy with a refreshing cuppa to help revive those flagging feet ! Along with a great raffle, a tombola stall, a yummy cake stall and a superb ‘Nearly New’/ ( or “Pre-loved” stall) this all points to an amazing productive afternoon out, so please come along and be one of the clever ones to bag a bargain.

CHURCH SERVICES: Church services for the parish of Ewhurst will commence at St. James the Great, Ewhurst Green on Sunday September 20th. Trinity 16 at 9.30am. This service will include Holy Communion. A service will follow directly after at St. Giles church, Bodiam at 11.15am. and this service will also include Holy Communion. There will be NO SERVICE held today at St. Mark’s church, Northiam Road, Staplecross. Both services will be conducted by Reverend Gordon Winchester and if there are any church matters on which you would like further guidance, then please don’t hesitate to contact him. You may reach Gordon either at The Rectory, Ewhurst Green, by telephone 01580~830268 or via his email which is He would be delighted to help you in any way he can, so do please get in touch with him.

PLEASE CONTACT ME: If you are planning an event in the near future, and you’d like some additional help with publicity or promotion, then please get in touch. It doesn’t matter how large or small, or how ‘posh’ or ‘poor’ it may be, - if it’s of interest to you, -- it’s of interest to us. It’s never too early to send me your information, so please do get in touch, as I’d love to hear from you..........Thank You.

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