COMMUNITY NEWS & REVIEWS: STAPLECROSS MCP SCHOOL - Well, - they've done it again !. As proud and privileged grandparents, we attended the school's '˜End Of Year Play' which took place at our super village hall on Thursday afternoon and Friday evening last (12th/13th) As always, at these gatherings, the hall was fit to bursting with Mums, Dads, Grandparents, neighbours and family friends, as we all streamed in to support our super little village school, the staff & the stars of the night - the pupils. The audience, bursting with pride, and quite rightly so, sat higgledy piggledy around the hall,as these precious wee folk took us all on a - magical and somewhat ambiguous - story of folk lore, nursery rhymes and legends with amazing music and singing and dancing thrown in for good measure !. The story began with an invitation to attend the Royal Wedding of a rather unhappy prince named Florizel aptly played by Noah - who as yet, had no bride to wed and was not anxious to even choose one !. The '˜story' was interwoven with woodland animals from Reception and Class 1 who all went on a jolly '˜Teddy Bears Picnic' and who sang & danced with great gusto. Several artfully created '˜Rock & Roll '˜Guys & Girls' performed to exciting rock star music -the guys complete in leather jackets, jeans and shades with all the pretty girls wearing ponytail hair-styles, '˜swinging' jive or rock & roll skirts complete with matching neck scarves certainly brought a lot of fizz and fun into the programme. - somewhere along the way, - eight (-yes 8 !) dwarves played by Will; Josh; Dillon; Sani; Liam; Kai, Max and Oliver were introduced- as well as the 3 Bears with Father Bear played by Oscar - Mother Bear portrayed by Reggie and Baby bear - always complaining - played by Ashlyn also came along.. We also met a Woodcutter played by Jem- Little Red Riding Hood played by Abi, along with a clever sly wolf acted by Sarah. Adding more '˜muddle to the mix' - and therefore much more fun - the audience were also introduced to A

Friday, 20th July 2018, 7:00 am

NEW CROQUET CLUB: “THE CROQUETEERS CLUB” - named after the players who played croquet at Wimbledon, before Lawn Tennis took over - has just been formed for all and sundry who would like to play or learn more about the game of croquet. The club play at the playing field in Sedlescombe and are a super, really friendly group of people, who love this ancient and strategic game. All equipment is freely available for you to use as you learn the ins & outs of this addictive sport, which takes little energy but more thought - a little like snooker - but with a mallet on the end of the cue - rather like a hammer !, but with less balls and hoops instead of pockets!. Newcomers are very welcome whether you have played this game before or are a true beginner. This at present is a friendly social activity ‘beginning at the beginning’ ! - but as we progress to a better and more competent level, we hope to interact with other Croquet Clubs from other areas for friendly games and other social benefits. For more details and further information of just what is entailed, please contact Secretary (Pat) on 01424~870973. A very warm and enthusiastic welcome awaits you all.

AN INVITATION to A PATRONAL CONCERT: Are you aware that churches have their own patronal saints ? We in our parish are particularly privileged to have two ! - St James the Great, in Ewhurst - held in July and St. Giles, in Bodiam - held in September. There will be a celebration of this patronal festival of St. James, at his namesake church in Ewhurst Green over THIS WEEKEND of Friday July 20th -to- Sunday July 22nd. beginning with a patronal concert sung by the ever popular and warmly welcomed back - The Tongwood Singers. This will commence at 6,30pm in St. James on Friday July 20th The concert will be followed by a reception and everyone is invited to come along and join in the party!

STAPLECROSS SOCIAL CLUB: Just a little update of some of the activities that are taking place at this gem of a social club, right in the heart of our community. Every Monday evening - ‘Line Dancing is held here. from 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to the more experienced. This is a very social activity, with a great lady teacher, who helps us along the way, and definitely knows her right foot from her left, -- so come along, join in and have fun. - it helps kick the calories, as well !!!

“Friday Night is Bingo Night” activity is still going strong, with great prizes. As it’s a Family Night, - those taking part must be members to win, again, come along, join up & join in to win ! The most sociable time of the week is on Saturdays, - so on Saturday Nights, the staff will hold “The Chase the Ace” game. Sadly again members only can take part here and the last tickets for this game must be sold by 8.30pm to allow for a 9.00pm draw. On Saturday July 21st the club are having a “Fun Games Night beginning at 8.00pm. There will be great Cash Prizes and a super buffet. As with all of the events this super little club put on, a very warm welcome is extended to all residents, families & Friends of the Community, so please come along and support your local Social Club.

ROTHER RAMBLERS; Busy enjoying this fabulous weather and making the most of being outdoors, the members of this popular walking group have organised two (2) more walks for us, - if so inclined, to join in this week. Walk No: 1 is planned for Sunday July 22nd. and is a 7.5 mile circular meander of Eridge Station and Friars Gate. The meeting point is in front of Eridge Station OS. EXP135. TQ543345 (satnav TN3 9LE) at the normal time of 10.00am. The walk notes state “This walk includes part of the Sussex Border Path and High Weald Landscape Trail. There is free parking in front of the station entrance , or kerb side nearby. A picnic lunch is again the suggestion.” Adrian is to be your ‘walk leader’ for this wander, and you may contact him on: 01273~514336 or mobile 07729~861854 for all further details. Walk No:2 is arranged for Thursday July 26th.amd is a slightly shorter jaunt of just 6.5 circular miles around Brightling and that legendary chap ‘Mad’ Jack Fuller’s Follies. The meeting point is the ‘Swan Inn’ at Woods Corner. OS. EXP124. TQ666194. (satnav TN21 9LA) again at 10.00am. The walk notes state “This is a relatively easy walk, with a few hills. Possible pub lunch at the Swan Inn following the walk. Parking in the pub car park is permitted, if staying for lunch after the walk. otherwise, in nearby lay-by’s”. Phil. H.K. will be your ‘walk leader’ for this ramble, and you may contact him on 02086~603540 or mobile: 07887~635681 for more information.

STAPLECROSS BOWLS CLUB: Still, busy, busy, busy as the members of this popular outdoor bowls club continue with their hectic summer schedule. There are again four matches to be played this week - Three (3) ‘at home’ and just one (1) ‘away’. Match no:1 is the first of the ‘home’ games and is to be played on Saturday July 21st starting at 2.30pm.with a team coming from Guestling. Match No:2 is planned for Sunday July 22nd.again commencing at 2.30pm with their opponents hailing from Northiam. This match will form part of the Rother Tournament. Last of the ‘home games’ is on Wednesday July 25th. and our members face a team from Battle. This game is also part of the Rother Tournament and like the others, begins at 2.30pm. On Thursday July 26th. Our team will have their only ‘away’ match when they take part in “The Sellings Cup”. For all further details of these matches and of other social activities which the Staplecross Bowls Club are organising, please contact them via email at [email protected] or please telephone Brian on 01580~830570. New members are always assured of a warm and friendly welcome.