COMMUNITY NEWS & REVIEWS: E.S. & B GARDEN SOCIETY - As promised a week or two back, I now have the results of the recent Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Show, hosted by our own local horticultural group E. S. & B. Garden Society at the Staplecross Village Hall on Saturday September 1st 2018 The results are as follows: VEGETABLE CLASSES SECTION: -Class 1 - 4 Onions grown from sets or seed. 1st Philip Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. Class 2 -9 Shallots. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Philip Underhill. 3rd Pam Underhill. Class 3 - 4 Potatoes - coloured. 1st Philip Underhill. 2nd Jennie Lynam. 3rd Ann Brookes. Class 4 - 4 Potatoes-white. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Brian Scowen. 3rd Keith Bishop. Class 5 - 4 Tomatoes-excluding small fruited type. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Keith Bishop. 3rd Philip Underhill. Class 6 - 4 Tomatoes-novelty, small or coloured. 1st Peter Brookes. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Livia Linderman. Class 7 - 7 Runner Beans. 1st Maggie Whitaker. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Pam Dance. Class 8 - 3 Leeks 1st Philip Underhill. Class 9 - 2 Courgettes, with flowers. 1st John Moore Bick. 2nd Maggie Whittaker. Class 10 - 2 Squash. 1st Brian Scowen. Class 11 - 3 Beetroot. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Brian Scowen. 3rd Keith Bishop. Class 12 - Any Other Indoor Vegetable. 1st Philip Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. Class 13 - Any Other Outdoor Vegetable. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Philip Underhill. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 14 - Collection or Trug of Vegetables of exhibitors choice. 1st Philip Underhill. Class 15 - A collection of named culinary herbs (max 10) 1st - Ann Brookes. 2nd Jennie Lynam. Class 16 - A collection of 3 different vegetables 3 x variety. 1st Philip Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 8:13 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 7:01 pm

FLOWER CLASSES SECTION: Class 17 - 3 large flowered roses of 1 variety as follows: 1) 1 bud showing colour but still furled. 2) 1 bud 1/2 to 3/4 open etc. 3) 1 fully open bloom. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Pam Dance. 3rd Ruth Close. Class 18 - No Entries. Class 19 - 1 Specimen Rose.- Members Only. 1st Pam Dance. 2nd Jennie Lynam. 3rd Ann Brookes. Class 20 - 1 stem of a cluster flowered rose. 1st Ruth Close. 2nd Ann Brookes. Class 21 - Fuchsia exhibit-as a pot plant. 1st Philip Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. Class 22 - 1 stem of each of 3 distinct kinds of plants grown for foliage. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Maggie Whitaker. 3rd Pam Dance. Class 23 - Flowering Pot plant - not rose; fuchsia or orchid. 1st Ruth Close 2nd Pam Underhill. 3rd Ann Brookes. Class 24 - An Orchid pot plant (owned since 1/3/18) 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Jennie Lynam. 3rd Keith Bishop. Class 25 -Container of mixed garden flowers; minimum of 5 varieties. 1st Pam Underhill 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 26 - 1 stem of each of 4 distinct kinds of cut garden flowers; cut & in a container. 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 27 - 1 spike Gladiolus. 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Jennie Lynam. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 28 - container of 3 Dahlias; 1 or more variety. 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Jennie Lynam. Class 29 - Container of 3 different blooms of 1 colour. 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Pam Dance. Class 30 - Container of 3 Hydrangeas. 1st Pam Dance. 2nd Maggie Whitaker. 3rd Pam Underhill. FRUIT CLASSES SECTION: Class 31 - A dish of 12 of any single kind of soft fruit. 1st Maggie Whitaker. 2nd Jennie Lynam. Class 32 - 4 apples of any one variety. 1st John Moore Bick. 2nd Philip Underhill. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 33 - An exhibit of any variety of fruit (excluding soft fruit & apples) at least 4 in number or 1 bunch of grapes. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd John Moore Bick. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. FLOWER ARRANGING SECTION: Class 34 - “Sunset of Fire” -an exhibit open to all. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Pam Dance. Class 35 - No Entries. Class 36 “Where have all the flowers gone ?” - an exhibit of foliage, fruit &/or vegetables. 1st Ann Brookes. Class 37 - No entries. HOME PRODUCE SECTION: Class 38 -Jar of Jam. 1st Keith Bishop. 2nd Peter Brookes. 3rd Christabel Ames-Lewis. Class 39 - Jar of Jelly Jam. 1st. Keith Bishop. 2nd Peter Brookes. 3rd Pam Underhill. Class 40. - Jar of Marmalade. 1st Maggie Whitaker. 2nd Gill Neal. 3rd Ella Wood. Class 41 - Jar of Chutney 1st Keith Bishop. 2nd Pam Underhill. 3rd Christabel Ames-Lewis. Class 42 - Gingerbread - own recipe. 1st Keith Bishop. 2nd Peter Brookes. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. Class 43 - A Fruit Loaf - own recipe to include yeast. 1st Pauline Scowen. 2nd Keith Bishop. 3rd Peter Brookes. Class 44 - 4 x Sausage Rolls. 1st Keith Bishop. 2nd Pauline Scowen. 3rd Peter Brookes. Class 45 - A non-baked Cheesecake. 1st Peter Brookes. 2nd Pauline Scowen. 3rd Keith Bishop. Class 46 - Your Favourite Traybake. 1st Pauline Scowen. 2nd Keith Bishop. 3rd Maggie Whitaker. HANDICRAFT SECTION: Class 47 - Any piece of Hand Knitting. 1st Keith Bishop. 2nd Pauline Scowen. 3rd Jean Conman. Class 48 -Any piece of Crochet or Needlework 1st Kathleen Pettitt. 2nd Livia Linderman. 3rd Pauline Scowen. Class 49 - An Object made in Any Medium. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Maggie Whitaker. Class 50 - A Picture in Any Medium. 1st Kathleen Pettitt. 2nd Maggie Whitaker. 3rd Ann Brookes. Class 51 - Paper Craft. 1st Pam Dance. 2nd Ann Brookes. 3rd Ella Wood. Class 52 - No Entries. Class 53 - A photograph-representing ‘circles’. 1st Ann Brookes. 2nd Maggie Whitaker. 3rd Philip Underhill. Special Awards were also made at judging time and they included the following:~ The ES&B Garden Society ‘Challenge Cup’ was won by Ann Brookes with the runner-up being Philip Underhill.. Class 16-Eligible for Garden Gift Token was won by Philip Underhill. The ‘Member’s Rose Cup’ was claimed by Pam Dance. The ‘Clayton Challenge Cup’ was won by Ann Brookes and Pam Dance claimed the worthy runner up position. Pam Underhill won The ‘Chairman’s Prize’. Ann Brookes won the ‘Banksian Medal’ as well as the ‘Mona Peck Trophy’ as well as the ‘Cottagers Cup’ - runner up was Philip Underhill. The ‘Best Photograph’ entry was also won by Ann Brookes. Keith Bishop claimed the ‘Fred Buck Challenge Trophy ‘ for the home produce section, with Peter Brookes being the runner up. The ‘Certificate for Merit for Handicrafts’ was awarded to Kathleen Pettitt. All in all - it was another successful day for all concerned and we look forward to seeing what is being arranged for us all in 2019. The next meeting for this popular garden society will take place on Thursday October 18th with Aaron Bertelsen - gardener, cook and writer from Great Dixter, being our guest speaker. It’ll also be the time when the Apple Dessert Competition takes place. This has become extremely popular over the last few years, as everyone gets to taste and enjoy the various delicious offerings made for this event. Look up your own favourite Apple dessert, make it & bring it along, on the night---spoons will be provided !. For more information on what to also look forward to, in November & December as well as what’s planned for 2019 please contact Gill: 01580~830551. We look forward to seeing you soon.

NOVEMBER 11th 1914 - 1918. THE GREAT WAR COMMEMORATIONS: This may seem to many to be way too soon to include this missive in this column, but arrangements like these take a lot of time, energy and workings to achieve a worthy commemoration such as is planned for this special date. This information has been passed to me to include and invite as many people as possible, especially if there are any relatives or connections to those brave men, both young and not-so-young from our parish community who gave their lives during this time known as ‘The Great War.’ Here is the missive, - in it’s entirety, please read it, remember it and come along and show your thanks and respect to those who by giving their lives - allowed us to have one. --- “On the 11th November at 11.a.m. there will be the normal annual Armistice Day Remembrance Service, held at the Staplecross War Memorial. This commemorates all persons who suffered in all conflicts, whilst in the service of our country. In the evening, from approximately 6.15pm. we are all invited to gather together to share in a special ‘Commemoration Service which will be held at this War Memorial, in memory of victims - especially the 21 parishioners who gave their lives - of the Great War 1914-1918 which ended exactly 100 years ago. Following the Act of Remembrance and the lowering of the Union flag, the congregation, accompanied by 21 lit torches which will each signify a life lost, will proceed to the Village Beacon, a short way down Northiam Road. A bugle will call ‘Last Post’ and the Beacon will be lit to signify a ‘Light of Hope. A descendent of a soldier from the Great War, will then light the Beacon. This Beacon lighting is to be part of a national scheme of 1000 beacons being lit at 7.00pm on this night, throughout the United Kingdom. A short Service of Remembrance and Reconciliation will follow at St. Mark’s church, adjacent to the Beacon, which will be led by Canon Christopher. From here, please pop into the Cross Inn for Tea, Coffee & Soup to round off a thought-provoking, emotive and respectful ceremony to honour those who gave their lives on our behalf. Please do come along and take part in this special service.”

STAPLECROSS BONFIRE SOCIETY: AUCTION OF PROMISES. Part of the East Sussex Bonfire Society, our own local charity fundraisers are holding their annual “Grand Auction of Promises” event on Friday September 21st. that’s TONIGHT! at the White Dog, Ewhurst Green at 7.30pm.- Over 40 ‘Promises are going ‘under the hammer’ tonight, so come along and do your bit for a really good cause. Check out their website which will give more details of what’s on offer. Further details can be had from contacting John (Publicity Officer) on 01580~831263 or Brian on 01580~830570.

ST. MICHAEL’s HOSPICE :- “FABULUOSLY VINTAGE FAIR” - Back for another great fund-raising day out, this very popular event will be returning to The Hub, at Bodiam on Saturday September 22nd between 10.00am and 4.00pm. - That’s TOMORROW - This colourful festival will be showcasing the best of vintage and retro as this great family fun-filled day out will include ;- a Vintage Market Place; a Craft and Fresh Produce marquee. A children’s tent filled with old school games and activities will be a magnet for young and old alike, as the ‘mature generation’ will delight in reminiscing about the ‘good old schooldays’. There will be live entertainment throughout the day from local acts. There will also be an array of fabulous vintage vehicles to check out and a super selection of food and drink to help keep us going - lest we flag !.Entry to this lovely day out for all the family is a miserly £2:00 - with all children under the age of 16 being granted FREE admission. Come along, - have a great family treat whilst doing something generous for those less fortunate. Check out

STAPLECROSS VILLAGE HALL - MAMMOTH JUMBLE SALE: A big nudge - and a gentle reminder that a Grand Jumble Sale will be taking place TOMORROW. - at the Staplecross Village Hall, Northiam Road, TN32 5QG on Saturday September 22nd --- with the doors opening at 2.00pm. Donations can be brought to the Village Hall from 9.30am but if you can’t wait until then, or will be unable to deliver them to the village hall - then please contact either Anne on 01580~831881 or Larry on 01580~830576 who will be happy to arrange collection from you. This could be the perfect time to ‘de-clutter’ -just in time for Christmas !!!.Teas & coffees will be available throughout the afternoon with a super cake stall and raffle stand for all to enjoy. Entrance is 20p..Don’t Miss It !. This is one of the major fund-raising events for the Village Hall, and where all the proceeds go towards the upkeep and upgrading of this superb venue. As always, helpers are always desperately needed - especially during the afternoon ‘rush’ - so if you are able to help, in any way, and for however long, please come along and offer your services. The old adage “ Many hands make light work, certainly applies here.- and we very much appreciate your help.

STAPLECROSS BOWLS CLUB: These as far as I am aware, will be the last two fixtures for our local outdoor bowls club to be played this year. As we nudge closer to Autumn and the weather changes perhaps it’s just as well. The first match is an ‘at home’ game and will be played on Saturday September 22nd with our opponents coming along from Wadhurst. This will commence at 2.30pm. The following day will see our team off on an ‘away game in the form of a ‘Rother Fling’ match for the last match of the season. For all further details of these last remaining matches and of other social activities which the Staplecross Bowls Club are organising, please contact them either via email: [email protected] or by telephoning Brian on 01580~830570. New members will always be very warmly welcomed.

ROTHER RAMBLERS: Two walks to lead us into that gloriously colourful time of the year, that of Autumn. The members of this popular walking group have arranged two diverse walks and in different directions to entice us into joining them as they explore our beautiful countryside. Walk No: 1 is planned for Saturday September 22nd and will be a 9 mile circular walk ‘where the High Weald meets the Sea’ The meeting point will be the public car park on left, with W.C. on Lower Coastguard Lane, Fairlight. OS.EXP124. TQ859119. (satnav TN35 4AB) at 10.15am. This walk forms part of the “High Weald Walking Festival”. Public transport bus no:101 leaves Hastings Train Station at 09.43am to arrive at 10.05am on Coastguard Lane, the Fairlight stop. The walk notes state “ This will be an energetic walk, with panoramic views; ups & downs through Hastings Country Park and farmland, partly using proposed Coast path route along grassy cliff-tops and shady gill woodlands. Car park charges are £3:00. Once more a picnic lunch is suggested. Inga is to be the ‘walk leader’ on this occasion and you may contact her on 01424~812597 or mobile 07767~877303 for further details. Walk No:2 is arranged for Wednesday September 26th and is to be an 11 mile circular stroll of fields and forest in and around the Hawkhurst area. The meeting point is at The Moor, Hawkhurst. OS.EXP136. TQ756296. (satnav TN18 4NX) at the usual time of 10.00am. The walk notes state “There will be some stiles, and some hills. and again a picnic lunch is suggested. Tim will be your ‘walk leader’ for this excursion and you may contact him on: 01424~272459 or mobile:07831~768588 for more information.

[email protected]: Intriguing and thought-provoking are often the subjects of these fascinating talks held at St. James the Great church, in Ewhurst Green. This month however, they are that - and more !. On Thursday September 27th at 3.00pm. Mr. Simon Earl, the Manager of the Bexhill foodbank will ask us the question “Do You Have a Strong Opinion about Food Bank Provision ? - For or Against”. This is also the title of his talk - and he will lead the debate on this emotive subject and really welcomes the idea of a discussion following his talk, to air your views. As always, everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be served. Please come along and join in as your points of view really do matter.

WINE TASTERS @ EWHURST: If like many of us within the parish, you enjoy a delectable glass of wine now & again, then why not consider joining in the monthly Wine Tasting at Ewhurst. This is a super little social group of like-minded people who enjoy spending a couple of hours per month, - tasting and commenting on a selection of superb wines - plus tasty bread and a few nibbles - all wrapped up in good company, in a cosy venue - that being the Herdman Pavilion, in Ewhurst Green, (TN32 5TB) The date for the September Wine Evening is Friday September 28th. from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. No membership is required, - just a courtesy call to Jan (sec) to ensure there will be sufficient wine & nibbles for all to enjoy. -- It wouldn’t do to run short now would it ? A charge of £5:00 per person is required upon arrival. If you think that this is something that would be of interest to you, then do please contact Janis via her email: [email protected] to learn more about this very friendly and welcoming group. We are a very friendly and social group and will certainly ensure you have a warm welcome upon arrival and a glass of superb wine in your hand, very shortly after.! Enjoy !

MACMILLAN NURSES COFFEE MORNING: It’s that time of the year again, when the whole community come together to enjoy and support this “Coffee Morning - with a Difference” event. Up and down the country - and even across the world - people are getting together to enjoy a cuppa, a slice of cake and enjoy congenial company whilst helping to raise such necessary funds for this amazing good cause. The date to remember is Saturday September 29th. at Staplecross Village Hall between 10.00am and 12,Noon. There will also be a raffle stall and a Tombola for the lucky ones to try and perhaps other stalls to peruse. This is such a super little event, and again for such a worthwhile cause that this is definitely NOT a date to miss ! Please contact Pauline on 01580~830570 for all further details.

STAPLECROSS SOCIAL CLUB: Just to remind you all that this super little social club, - right in the heart of the village will be hosting a “Disco/Karaoke” night on Saturday September 29th from 8.00pm - ‘til late. As usual there will be a delicious buffet, so come along, sing your heart out to your favourite tune and enjoy another fun night out amongst friends. More great dates here are planned for the coming months, this space.

CHURCH SERVICES: Church services for the parish of Ewhurst will commence at St. James the Great, Ewhurst Green on Sunday September 23rd.Trinity 17. at 9.30 am. This service will include Holy Communion (BCP) A service at St. Mark’s church, Northiam Road, Staplecross will follow directly after at 11.15am. This service will also offer Holy Communion (BCP) There will be NO SERVICE today at St. Giles, Bodiam.. If there is any church matter on which you feel you may need further assistance, especially Baptisms, Weddings and sadly, Funerals, then do please get in touch with our Priest in Charge, Canon Christopher Irvine on 01580~830925. He is always there to care and support you and unselfishly will guide you towards the solution that is right for you.

ANY NEWS FOR THIS COLUMN - PLEASE CONTACT ME: Although news of ‘events and happenings’ taking place throughout our community is rather sparse at present, this does not reflect on our life in general within our parish, With the schoolchildren now firmly entrenched at schools and colleges, life may seem rather quiet at present. But fear not are being planned for our enjoyment I’m sure and very soon this column will be buzzing with news of them all.! So if you have an event planned in the foreseeable future - whatever the nature of the event - indoor or out, large or small and you’d like some extra free coverage of it, - courtesy of the Observer Newspaper then please get in touch.- it’s of interest to you --- then it’s of interest to us. It’s NEVER TOO EARLY to send in any of the information and details regarding the event you are planning - so please do contact me as I’d love to hear from you and to help ‘spread the word’ on your behalf......Thank You