Statistics show a Higher risk of heart disease in Rye area


Rye Labour candidate Sarah Owen says she is shocked bythe high numbers of people living with heart disease in the area.

Sarah spoke out after meeting with the British Heart Foundation.

Jennifer Boon who specialises in research and prevention at the charity told Sarah that over 11,000 people are living with cardiovascular disease in the constituency - which is higher than the national average.

She also revealed that nearly 5,000 adults in the area have been diagnosed with diabetes.

The British Heart Foundation are calling for secondary school children to be made aware of public access defibrillators - 8 of which are dotted around Hastings and Rye - and to be taught basic CPR. They also want political parties to commit to providing better social care for those who suffer from the disease.

Sarah Owen said: “I back the call to ensure our young people are taught CPR and know about defibrillators in the community. Every child leaving school should know how to save a life.

“People need better access to a joined up health service. We need to improve prevention measures, public awareness and care.”