‘Staycationers’ on holiday pour cash into 1066 coffers

Frenchman's Beach Holiday Park
Frenchman's Beach Holiday Park

THE STAYCATION boom combined with glorious summer weather is creating more than £30 million for the local economy as record numbers of holidaymakers visit 1066 Country.

Park Holidays UK, whose head office is in Coghurst Hall in Ivyhouse Lane, Coghurst, has reported its busiest ever August as visitors flock to the coast in their droves.

The company runs holiday parks at Coghurst Hall, Beauport Park, Frenchman’s Beach in Rye and Winchelsea Sands and has seen a 20 per cent rise in bookings this month compared to last August.

It runs 23 sites across the south of England employing almost 600 staff.

The four combined sites in 1066 Country offer 10,000 beds which the generate £31m for the regional economy according to a recent survey by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association.

It follows a sharp increase in holiday homes across the south of England last year which helped drive company pre-tax profits up by 11 per cent.

The company is reported to have made £15.8m in the year to December 2012.

Final statistics for visitor numbers won’t be available until later this year but company spokesman Jon Boston said business is booming.

“The weather has played a big part, “ said Mr Boston. “We are looking at having record figures for this year.

“The economic recession has created a stay at home trend in recent years and holidaymakers are buying caravans as a long term investment.

“Traditionally it has been the 50 plus age market which has bought our homes.

But now we might be seeing families who are giving the £2,000 annual trip to Spain a miss and save up for a holiday home.

“A second hand one starts from around £9,000 so after a few years it all adds up.

“Owners can also rent them out when they aren’t using them generating income.

“We are also seeing the holiday season starting even earlier such as well before Easter and prolonged right through to October.

“So when we have a glorious English summer like this there really is no better place in the world to go on holiday.”

Kevin Boorman, manager of 1066 Country Marketing, said: “Tourism is worth more than £500m here in Hastings & 1066 Country and supports more than 11,000 jobs in our area. “

It is a vital element of the local economy. It’s great to hear that Park Holidays are doing so well here and I hope and expect their 2013 figures will be even better than 2012.”