Step back in time on historical walk through medieval woods

Peter Miles playing with fire SUS-170420-135234001
Peter Miles playing with fire SUS-170420-135234001

By popular request, Peter Miles will be leading his walk, “Through Trees & Time”, for the fourth year running in Mountfield.

The walk looks at a wide range of clues to why our local landscape looks as it does. These include early medieval earthworks and field patterns, industrial remains from later centuries (mine pits, quarries and kilns), evidence of historic woodland crafts (e.g. coppicing, charcoal burning, saw pits), the network of old roads which covered the landscape, the clues in the botany of the Ancient Woodlands (including a rare plant population), and in the trees (including an even rarer tree), foraging (with a recipe leaflet to take home with you) and, above, lots of fun and laughter. The walking is easy (though muddy and brambly).

Peter is keen to stress that it is not so much a Mountfield walk as a High Weald walk, and particularly an East Sussex High Weald walk as that area had an interestingly different settlement pattern. Peter said, “The walks are serious in purpose but pure fun in practice and change how people see the landscape round them”.

The first dates announced last week are almost sold out so Peter has added two new dates on Friday April 28th and Sunday May 7th. For information, or to book, contact or call 01580 880 614.