Step up security at home warn police after rash of thefts

POLICE are warning people to tighten up their home security after a number of burglaries in the Rother area.

Thieves have had easier targets due to insecure back doors and windows say police.

A spokesman for the Rother Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “There have sadly been recent burglaries in the Rother area where the perpetrators have been able to enter people’s homes via insecure back doors, windows and garden gates.

“Please take note of the following essential home security tips.

“Do not leave your back door key in the lock – especially if you have a cat flap on the door. If you do have a cat flap, leave valuables and keys well out of reach and out of sight to prevent people reaching through it and taking items or using keys to enter the property.

“If you leave your house empty – even when you are in the back garden – lock all the doors and windows and make sure the fanlight windows are closed. Be especially careful about those on the ground floor and above flat roof areas.

“When you leave a room unattended, close the windows and doors – especially on the ground floor. Keep all wallets, purses, credit cards and car keys out of sight.

“If you want to leave your windows open while you are asleep, have window restrictors fitted to stop people climbing in.

“Double check fences and boundaries to make sure they keep burglars out. Remember to lock side and rear gates. Use a chain and padlock for gates which don’t have a lock.

“Secure garden tools and ladders in a locked shed or garage to prevent them being used to break in to your or a neighbour’s home.

“Consider laying gravel on your footpaths or driveway, which can deter burglars from approaching your property.

“Fit outside security lighting and a visible alarm.”