Sun shines for flower show and fête

Icklesham Fete and Flower Show. 4/8/12
Icklesham Fete and Flower Show. 4/8/12

ICKLESHAM had perfect weather for its big Flower Show and Fete on Saturday afternoon.

Visitors were enetrtained by live music from Wealden Brass and a display by Rye Dance Centre,

other attractions included a fun dog show and live theatre performance.

Sarah Hudson said: “It was lovely to see a wonderful display of colourful flowers in the hall and there was a beautiful aroma from the roses and seet peas.

“The fruit and vegetables were very well presented and the cookery section made your mouth water as you walked by them.

Congratulations to Richard Sutar, Pete Stunt, John Dunk, Ann Osborne, Pam Lee, Joan Butler, Marie Hayter(Well Done Marie as its your first time entering), Olive Young who won trophies. Also to Kate Mylrea who won a certificate.

“The Horticultural Society Would like to thank all those wonderful people that donated tombola prizes, Special thanks to Judy, Michael and Phillip for helping get the hall ready on Friday afternoon. Also to Helen, Ann and Judy for running the tombola. Many thanks to Kate and Syd for donating the crystal for the best loaf of bread, and thanks also to the judges, Coghurst Nursery for their flower stall. Special thanks to everyone who helped with the tidying up afterwards.

Classes Winners

French Beans Marie Hayter

Cucumber Stuart Baker

Onions Lonnie Morris

Tomatoes John Dunk

Runner Beans Richard Sutar

Beetroot ----Carrots ----

Lettuce ----

Courgettes Dan Cranage

Potatoes Richard Sutar

Shallots - exhibition Pete Stunt

Shallots - pickling Pete Stunt

Miscellaneous any other vegetables Judy Foster

Plate of fruit Pam Lee

Vase of herbs Richard Sutar

Dahlias – small John Dunk

Mixed Dahlias John Dunk

Dahlia – any variety Stuart Baker

Roses – cluster flowered 1 spray Ann Osborne

Roses – Mixed Pam Lee

Rose Christine Knight

Bowl of sweet peas Marie Hayter

Sweet peas 3 stems all 1 colour Judy Foster

Sweet peas mixed colours 3 stems Joan Butler

3 vases sweet peas 3 stems same colour per vase Joan Butler

Any annual Stuart Baker

Mixed perennials John Dunk

Pansies/violas Ann Osborne

Gladioli 3 stems Ann Osborne

1 Gladiolus Joan Butler

Vase 3 different kinds of flowers Stuart Baker

Pot plant in bloom Ann Osborne

Pot plant foliage Judy Foster

Pot plant cactus or succulent Ann Osborne

Vase of mixed foliage Joan Butler

Fuchsia plant in bloom Olive Young

An arrangement using a kitchen utensil Ann Osborne

An arrangement in an egg cup Pam Lee

An arrangement in a wine glass Kate Mylrea

A display of flowers to celebrate queens jubilee Pam Lee

Any arrangement with an Olympic theme Pam Lee

Any loaf of bread – hand made Ann Osborne

Sausage Rolls Christine Knight

Cheese scones Pam Lee

Flapjack Pam Lee

Swiss roll Christine Knight

Fruit cake Christine Knight

1 Jar Lemon curd Pam Lee

1 Jar Soft fruit jam Richard King

1 Jar Stone fruit jam Richard King

1 Jar Marmalade Pam Lee

The Ron Miles trophy for vegetables and fruit: Richard Sutar

Certificate and the Cyril Myles trophy for best exhibit in vegetables & fruit; Pete Stunt. The Dahlia cup for most points in the dahlia section: John Dunk

The Hayman cup for most points in the Rose section: Ann Osborne and Pam Lee.

Certificate and the Roy & Gladys Masters cup for best exhibit in the Rose section: Ann Osborne.

The John Comport cup for most points in sweet peas: Joan Butler.

The Jimmy Young cup for best exhibit in the sweet pea section: Mary Hayter.

The Cris Ford cup for most points in flower Section: Ann Osborne.

The Fred Stunt memorial trophy for best fuchsia: Olive Young.

The Floral art trophy: Pam Lee.

Piece of Crystal kindly donated by Kate and Syd Mylrea for best loaf of bread: Ann Osborne.

The Simpson cup for most points in cookery section: Pam Lee.

The coronation challenge cup for most points in show: Pam Lee.

The Robin Hood cup and certificate for best exhibit in the whole show: Kate Mylrae

Certificate for best in cookery section: Pam Lee.

Certificate for best in Floral Art: Kate Mylrae.

Certificate for best in vegetables and fruit: Pete Stunt.