Sun shines on Iden Village Fete

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IDEN enjoyed perfect weather for its village fete on Saturday.

The fete combines a popular boot fair and jumble sale with a children’s paradise of safe and enjoyable rides.

Added to the mix are a host of traditional village activities.

Rod Stuart, from Iden, said: “As might be expected, this calls for a very high level of enthusiasm and hard work by volunteers within the village – drawn from the small population of about 400 hundred people. Our thanks to them all.

“To add spice to the day the organisers brought in the excellent 1066 Pipes and Drums, who marched proudly down from the Bell into the fete area.

“We also enjoyed the Acrojou Circus Theatre in the form of the ‘wheel house’. This creative street theatre offered a view of life for a couple within a large wheel, complete with all the necessary pots, pans, furniture, bedding and seats. The wheel trundled across the fete ground, the motion supplied by the energetic efforts of the athletic pair within the circle.

“This year most of the fete proceeds will go to repair the park pavilion which was recently extensively damaged, and a large amount of metal piping removed.

“Provisional figures suggest the fete took in about £11,500, from which expenses will need to be paid out.”