Suspicious cold caller warning in Rother

POLICE are urging people to be aware of a suspicious cold telephone caller who tried to sell intruder alarms to a resident in Burwash.

Just before 1.15pm last Friday (April 19) a man calling himself John phoned the occupant claiming he worked for a security company selling intruder alarms.

The man refused to send a brochure and said he needed to visit the address to conduct an assessment.

The recipient of the call refused to give the man his address and did not tell him whether he already had an alarm or not.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: “Although this company does appear to exist we cannot, at this time, be sure whether they are genuine or not.

The person reporting them to us has been asked to contact Trading Standards due to their conduct.

“If you have a similar call please do not state whether you have an alarm or not as you can not be sure who you are giving this information to.

“Contact Sussex Police on 101 and East Sussex Trading Standards on 0345 60 80 197 to report the call.”