Talented Festival One-off

Paul Gunn
Paul Gunn

YOU won’t have seen anything like this combo - guaranteed.

Paul Gunn channels upper class bounder Terry Thomas to deliver remarkably witty songs about the correct sartorial attire for chaps and how to impress a lady by doffing one’s hat.

What takes this way above the level of a novelty act is Paul’s class (He trained at Paris’s top studio for the art of clowning) and the fact he is backed by some of the coolest and most talented Latin jazz musicians you will ever hear.

The act has been likened to Noel Coward meeting the Buena Vista Social Club.

Band members (piano, bass, drums and sax) have played with Billy Eckstine, Gloria Gaynor and Django Bates. Pianist Vladimir Miller is leader of the Moscow Composer’s Orchestra.

The band are no strangers to Rye, playing a private gig to raise £2,000 for Rye Hospital.

Paul said: “My parents live in the area and when I happened to be in Rye when the festival took place last year I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

Paul acknowledges the uniqueness of the band - “It’s what is good about it, we are very hard to pigeon hole, but it is also hard to try and explain what we do. You have to hear and see it.

“It is combining some very good music with something that is also very visual.”

Paul Gunn and Worsted will deliver their suave and brilliant act at the George, Rye at 4pm. Tickets £10 - from www.ryejazz.com.