Talk on Norman invasion

THE much discussed topic of where the Normans landed and where they fought the Saxons resurfaces in Winchelsea on Saturday.

Local historian Nick Austin, from Crowhurst, will be setting out his arguments and evidence for a landing at Bulverhythe/Combe Haven and the battle at Crowhurst.

His talk will take place at Winchelsea Church at 3pm and is hosted by the Winchelsea Archaeological Society.

Last year, the society heard an alternative thesis that the Normans landed at Iham, where Winchelsea is now situated. Winchelsea was once a major port and fleets have moored in what is now the Brede Valley.

The talk is open to all and is free to members and £4 for non-members.

Protestors campaigning against the new road, which will run through Combe Haven, have called for more investigations to take place claiming an historic site could be damaged.