Teen fights off phone robbers

A TEENAGE boy fought off two men who tried to steal his mobile phone from him in Battle.

The 16-year-old was approached by the pair at the junction of the A2100 London Road and the High Street just after 9.30pm last Thursday (September 27).

The two men pulled the teen towards them and demanded he hand over his phone.

He refused and pushed the men away from him.

The pair then fled.

The would-be robbers are described as aged in their mid to late 20s.

One man was wearing a black hooded top with a white Nike logo on the breast.

A black scarf covered the lower half of the man’s face.

The second man was also dressed in black and had a black scarf partially covering his face.

Police say they are not currently linking the incident with another attempted robbery which happened in the town back on July 21.

In that incident a 48-year-old man was pushed to the ground in Langton Close by two men whilst on the way home from the Chequers pub at 1.30am.

The men demanded the victim hand over his phone before patting his torso in a bid to find a phone.

A passer-by shouted at the pair and they fled the scene.

The victim described the men as aged in their late teens.

Police are appealing for witnesses following the latest attempted robbery, which took place just metres from the town’s police station.

Witnesses are ask to call Sussex Police on 101.