Ten jobs created at new Jempsons shop in Northiam village

The new Jempson’s Local store in Northiam received over 60 applicants for the 10 jobs it created in the village.

Jempson’s conducted interviews on a dedicated recruitment day, which was in conjunction with The Rye Partnership’s Rural Employability Project.

Store Manager Claire Evershed said: “We were thrilled with the recruitment day response, thank you to Flora Williams for all her help in arranging the day, it is fantastic to be able to create new jobs in a community that we are proud to serve.”

“We are really excited about becoming a part of Northiam village,” said Stephen Jempson. “I am really pleased with my new team, Andrew, Claire and I are looking forward to working with them.”

Andrew Jempson said: “Jempson’s have proudly been a part of the local community since 1935, our new store will continue the principles of the business. The job vacancies have been filled by people living in and around Northiam. We will be an active part of the village community.”

Stephen Jempson added: “We would like to thank our neighbours for their patience and understanding during the refurbishment works, we are very grateful to them for their support throughout – the neighbour who bought all the shop fitters a pancake on Pancake Day deserves a very special mention.”

Flora Williams from The Rye Partnership said: “We have had some good feedback from the event, and we aim to deliver similar Roadshows around the rural area. The Rural Employability project is funded by the DWP flexible support fund, and the main focus is to improve the employment prospects for people living in the rural area. We have been working with Jempson’s and other local Businesses to support them with local recruitment, apprenticeship opportunities and work experience placements.”