Terriers missing out on new homes at Blue Cross

Elsie Dog
Elsie Dog

BULL terrier breeds are being overlooked for new homes says Northiam’s Blue Cross Centre.

Now the centre is making a heart-felt appeal to dog lovers to provide a new home for lovers everywhere for Lottie, Elsie and Roger; three bull breed dogs they say have a lot of love to give.

Maria Marmo, centre manager at Northiam Blue Cross said: “It’s hard for us to understand why lovely bull breeds like staffies take so long to find new homes, when we know what fantastic and fun and loving dogs they are.

“We’d love for our three here at Northiam to go to great homes who’ll give them lots of love and attention, as they really do deserve it.

“Elsie is a one-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier who loves her walks and playtime like any young dog.

“She is full of beans and would love someone who has an equally active lifestyle who could spend time playing with her. She is likes playing with other dogs but would prefer somewhere without a cat.

“Lottie is likewise as full of energy as her friend – she’s great in the car and loves to romp in the garden, especially with her ball. She can definitely be rehomed with teenagers, although she again would prefer to be an only pet.

“Last but not least is dear old Roger. Ten-year-old Shar Pei Cross Roger loves the quiet life and walking at his sedate pace on the lead.

“A gentle oldie, he loves nothing more than to curl up on someone’s lap and fall asleep. Although he enjoys other dogs, he would prefer to have a home where he is the only one to soak up all your love and attention, his incredibly gentle nature means he can be rehomed with children.

“Bull breeds are often hard to rehome: 334 Staffies were handed into Blue Cross centres in 2012 alone, and 88 have already been taken in this year.

“Blue Cross is hoping the public has room in their hearts for these wonderful dogs.

“This spring the dogs have been playing in the grounds of the Blue Cross centre and footage of them having fun can be found at www.bluecross.org.uk.”

If you feel you have room in your family for Elsie, Lottie or Roger: please contact the centre on 0300 777 1510 to find out more.

Blue Cross opened its first animal hospital in 1906.