Thank you for the music

Jean donates a piano to Rye school SUS-140204-123416001
Jean donates a piano to Rye school SUS-140204-123416001

STUDENTS at Rye Studio School have become the proud owners of a piano kindly donated by local resident Jean Floyd.

When Jean decided to donate the piano, local businessman Mark Henham (The Handyman Property Maintenance Services) and Tom Greenwell thought that it was such a good idea that they offered to deliver it for free.

Jean said: “I was no longer playing my piano, which I’ve loved for many years. In addition I needed its space.

Mark Henham, my handyman, also plays piano and in conversation about what I should do with mine, he mentioned the Rye Studio School It was the perfect solution.

“Mark liked the idea of giving it to Rye Studio School so much he transported it for free!”

“It’s much easier to part with something when I know it’s gone where it will be well used and Rye Studio School is such a wonderful new building in Rye. It is spacious and attractive and offers space and facilities for so much valuable training and experience for local young people”.

Jean, Mark and Tom spent time touring the Rye Studio School’s new facilities and talking with students.

Assistant Principal Ian Gillespie said: “We are grateful for the support that local residents have given to us since The Rye Studio School opened in the autumn. There is a shared sense of pride in all that our young people are achieving here.

“We are delighted by Jean’s generous donation and grateful to Mark for his help in installing the piano. It will certainly be put to very good use by our students”

The Rye Studio School is the first of its kind in the South East and prepares young people aged 14-19 for careers within the creative industries. If you are interested in finding out more about its work contact 01797 228434 or visit the Rye Studio School website