They are planning to turn off the lights

Lamp 2
Lamp 2

Rye is set to be plunged back into the Dark Age with plans to dim, remove and turn off the town’s street lights.

The plans have been unveiled as a cost cutting exercise by East Sussex County Council.

A promised two week public consultation exercise came under fire after project co-ordinator Fiona Wellings told Rye councillors the move would go ahead even if opposed by local residents.

Fears were raised over a possible increase in crime and of injury caused by people tripping in the dark.

Fiona Wellings said: “Lights on main roads will be dimmed between midnight and 6am.

“Larger residential roads will lose 50 percent of their lights from 12.30pm - 5.30am and smaller residential roads will have the lights turned off completely during those hours.”

Carrying out the operation in Rye will save just £4,000 a year.

The consultation is likely to be held in the town in January.

Rye Mayor Shaun Rogers said: “This is not really a consultation. You have already told us that it will go ahead anyway.

“What if the majority of people in the town say they don’t want it? These are the people you should be listening to.”

The county council claim crime has actually dropped in areas they have piloted.