They came from a land down under

Oz 2
Oz 2

LIONS from Rye came face to face with their counterparts from Rye, Victoria, in Australia.

The Australian Lions were taken on a tour of Rye by Rye UK’s President, Malcolm McDonough, Vice-President, Sue Clay and press relations officer, Conrad Freezer.

They started the tour at the Rye Model at the Heritage Centre to give them a preview of the history of Rye.

This was followed by a walking tour of the town, including a climb up the parish church tower to view Rye and the surrounding area from above.

Conrad Freezer said: “They were very impressed by the history of Rye, its historical buildings and its beautiful surrounding area.

“They then visited the aptly named Lion Street where the first ever meeting of Lions in the UK was held at The George Hotel on its corner.

“Rye (UK) President, Malcolm McDonough and Rye (Australia) Treasurer, David Trunfull, then exchanged club banners.”