Thieves are cheating a children’s hospice

People who have been stealing bags of manure aimed at raising funds for a children’s hospice have been slammed for ‘stooping so low’.

The bags of horse manure were for sale outside a property in Three Oaks but have been taken on ‘numerous’ occasions by people who have not left money in the honesty box.

Margaret Grimes, from Telham Lane, Battle, who donated the manure, says it has damaged her faith in humanity.

She said: “I can hardly believe how low people can stoop.

“The sad thing is that the money was destined for the Chestnut Tree House Hospice for Children.

“My daughter Joanna Hills is taking part in the Great Wall of China Trek challenge to raise money for the charity.

Our friend in Three Oaks said we could put the manure outside her house to raise money for the cause.

“Some sneaky low-life person, or persons, takes the bags and does not leave the money.

“This has happened on numerous occasions and my faith is the human race has certainly gone down.

“I can only hope that the sold saying of what goes around comes around descends on these sneaky people.

“I sincerely hope they have time to consider and think about their actions and realise that although, in their eyes, it may be just bags of manure they are in fact thieves who are stealing.

“I would like to ask if anyone can donate items for the raffles we are holding at various fund-raising events in aid of this well deserving cause.

“If so they can contact me on 01424 773007.

“Lastly, I would just like to add that if the thieves read this they may like to re-think their actions and return and put the money in the honesty box provided.”