Tickets handed out to speeding Rye motorists

Speed campaign SUS-141104-094000001
Speed campaign SUS-141104-094000001

DRIVERS were issued with speeding tickets as police launched a crackdown on speeding in Rye.

Speeding has been identified as a priority by local residents and due to the level of concern, this prompted the specials to implement the speeding crackdown in the affected area of New Road.

The operation, on Sunday April 6, tied in with Specials Awareness week.

Throughout the morning, the special constables set up their equipment and targeted a particular hotspot for speeding on New Road, where drivers who come off the national stretch often fail to decrease their speed.

Throughout the morning the team was a high visibility presence, stopping targeted vehicles and educating drivers in relation to the dangers of excess speed and the consequences that can come from it.

In the first part of the day, 15 vehicles were stopped with eight tickets being issues for excess speed.

Several drivers received words of advice and one driver was given a warning for inconsiderate driving.

Rye special constable Matthew Clements said: “Working as a special constable over the past six years, I have found that the role itself is a very important and rewarding one.

“Whether it is being on foot patrol talking to residents about their concerns or participating in joint operations working with other organisations, I’ve found that you’ll always come across a wide variety of people and circumstances.”

Police have also been working closely with motoryclists educating them on road safety and anti-social riding.

Hundreds of bikers are expected to arrive at Strand Quay in Rye early next month for the May Day bank holiday.

Villages in the Rye area have successfully utilised Speedwatch campaigns.

This involves residents being trained to use speed cameras in blackspots. Details of speeding vehicles are then passed on to police who contact the drivers and warn them about their driving.

Persistent offenders may face prosecution.