Town is polled on light saving

Icklesham Parish Council is asking if Winchelsea residents want it to turn off the footway lights it provides in Winchelsea from midnight to 5.30am.

Every Winchelsea resident who is entitled and registered to vote in a local election in the Ward of Winchelsea is being asked to express their opinion.

Many councils are turning off footway lights late at night and turning them back on in the early hours of the morning to save fuel costs and contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions.

In Winchelsea it is estimate that a saving of £750.00 each year could be made and the cost of altering the lights would be recovered within about 18 months from these savings.

Opinion varies as to whether this is a good idea or not because others are concerned about safety and security. The parish council consulted the Police last year who said there was little evidence to show that safety and security would be compromised but no one could be sure as research on this subject was inconclusive.

Other research has shown that even the ‘experts’ do not agree about safety and security with some saying it will have no impact, others saying it may improve safety and security and others saying it may compromise safety and security.

The parish council knows that there are varying opinions in Winchelsea and wants as many people to take part in a poll to decide matters.

A poll will be conducted from 4pm to 9pm at The Court Hall on the corner of High Street and Hiham Green presided over by the parish council clerk.

Every person who wishes to vote will be asked to include their name and address and a confirmation they are entitled to vote by being registered to vote within the parish ward of Winchelsea. The council will, however, treat information provided as confidential and will not share this with others.

The Parish Council has said it will act on the outcome and implement the wishes of the majority of those voting. So it is important that as many electors as possible take part so the Parish Council may act on the wishes of the majority.

The outcome of the poll will be reported to the Parish Council on 10th September 2012 and the result will be posted up on the Parish Council notice board on the corner of High Street and St Thomas’s Street once the count has been concluded.

The poll takes place at The Court Hall, Winchelsea, from 4pm to 9pm Thursday 30th August 2012.