Town unveils plans to mark centenary of the Great War

WINCHELSEA residents and organisations have met together to plan how the town will commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One.

More than 100 men from Winchelsea took part in the conflict. A national memorial event will take place during August next year.

Richard Comotto, from the town, said: “We held a public meeting on July 6.

“Various projects are in hand or planned. No committee has been formed but one resident will keep a central diary of events.

Winchelsea Archaeological Society is hoping to continue its research into the names on the War Memorial in the town (the current research can be seen on and to extend its work to those residents who fought in and survived the War. Some 118 names are listed on the Winchelsea Roll of Honour.

The Museum in Winchelsea is planning a photographic exhibition next year about life in the town during the War. All the information collected, including photographs, will be compiled into a permanent archive.

In addition, Winchelsea Moving Pictures, which filmed a local incident during the Boer War, hope to raise additional funding for a film set in Winchelsea during the conflict.

Two small fields of poppies will be planted along the verges in the town.

Mr Comotto added: “Suggestions were made for the restoration of the War Memorial and the church may take up the invitation, to mirror the vigil that will be kept at Westminster Abbey on 4 August 2014.

“Winchelsea Bonfire Boyes, who mark the start and end of the Two-Minute Silence each year on Remembrance Day, have arranged for a bugler to play the Last Post and for a wreath to be laid at sunset on the centenary between 2015 and 2018 of each of the days on which the War Memorial records a death.