Burwash community gets behind road safety campaign

Police were out supporting a road safety campaign in Burwash. Photo courtesy of Rother Police. SUS-190328-163306001
Police were out supporting a road safety campaign in Burwash. Photo courtesy of Rother Police. SUS-190328-163306001

An ongoing campaign to increase road safety and awareness along the A265 is taking over Burwash this week, writes Harry Trend.

‘Children matter too’ is a key message from schoolchildren in the area, many of whom have to cross the A265 and School Hill Road in order to get to primary school.

The message to drivers this week is that ‘20 (miles per hour) is plenty’.

Careful drivers are rewarded by a smiley face sign by dedicated speed-watch volunteers.

Also, a PCSO patrolled through the village during the week, as well as putting on a special road magic show, which was shown to reception and years 1 & 2 at Burwash School.

To reinforce the safe driving message, Beavers and Brownies crafted scarecrows which were dotted around the area.

This week’s campaign comes after a 600-strong petition, led by former councillor Natalie Crabtree, Councillor Betty McBride and a group of Burwash residents led by Hilary Stewart and Lesley Moore was presented to the East Sussex County Council last June.

The petition was received sympathetically but the council said it lacked money to make significant changes to remedy the traffic problem.

A spokesman for the road safety week wrote on the Burwash website: “Our children turn out to be our wisest teachers in raising awareness and keeping safe on the roads.

“Let’s listen to them and not go too fast. Instead of mounting the pavement in our impatience to get by, let’s slow down.”

Lesley Moore, from the Burwash Outsiders residents’ group, said: “Often it’s slowing down and stopping that enables everyone to move on more quickly.”

The residents’ group pointed out a particular danger in the narrow pinch point by the flower shop, and how it would be so much safer for drivers to pause and give way to people and oncoming vehicles.

In addition, residents have complained in the past about vehicles frequently passing within inches of front doors, being clipped by wing mirrors and pollution levels in the area due to the volume of the traffic.

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