Hastings car park: Two motorists issued with tickets amid ‘chaos’

Slow-moving traffic on the approach to the Rock-a-Nore car park
Slow-moving traffic on the approach to the Rock-a-Nore car park

A resident who found himself stuck in the Rock-a-Nore car park for two hours and 15 minutes on Saturday (March 31) claimed motorists had been issued with parking tickets amid the ‘utter chaos’.

Rob Mouzer, of Meadow Way, Fairlight – like hundreds of others – returned to a ‘completely gridlocked’ car park at 1.30pm on Saturday with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.

He said: “There was a complete absence of car park attendants and yet, to our amazement, we noticed a number of cars had been given parking tickets.”

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council confirmed two vehicles were issued with tickets on Saturday.

They added: “One was for parking in a disabled space that was not displaying a disabled badge.

“People were ignoring the ‘car park full’ signs, and parking in a way that impeded access and egress.

“When the civil enforcement officers became aware of a problem, they attended the site to help deal with the congestion.”

Mr Mouzer said the experience in the car park will put people – like his daughter – off from visiting the town.

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