Issues at Bexhill town centre roadworks caused by ‘inconsiderate parking’

Picture: Graham Whiffen
Picture: Graham Whiffen

Inconsiderate parking close to the scene of roadworks in Bexhill town centre have been causing delays.

Repair works are being carried out in Sackville Road after a sinkhole opened up at the end of October.

Picture: Graham Whiffen

Picture: Graham Whiffen

It first appeared on Friday, October 25, before it was filled it.
However, it reopened the following day, prompting East Sussex Highways to alert Southern Water.

The works have been taking place in the middle of the road since then, with nearby parking spaces coned off.

Some motorists have ignored these warnings, however, making it difficult for buses to pass the scene.

East Sussex Highways said it was aware of the problem and, in a statement, said: “Following investigation by Southern Water it has been determined that the problems with the road are not linked to their network.

“We will now be carrying out repair work to the road as a matter of urgency. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and would ask motorists to bear with us while we carry out the work.

“We’re aware of the issues with vehicles double parking and have put up no-parking cones in the affected area to deter inconsiderate parking.

“We’d ask motorists to ensure they park in a considerate way to ensure they’re not causing an obstruction to the highway. Enforcement of parking in Bexhill is currently the responsibility of Sussex Police.”