Bexhill Jempson's Café reopens after car crashes into front window

A popular Bexhill café has reopened after this week's '˜awful accident'.

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:12 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 3:07 pm
Jempson's Café in Bexhill has reopened following Tuesday's incident. Picture: Jempson's

Jempson’s café, in Western Road, has been closed since Tuesday (January 8) after a car crashed into the front window at 3.20pm.

The crash caused ‘extensive damage’ to the front end of the café, according to Jempson’s, causing it to be closed throughout Wednesday.

On Thursday, a spokesman for Jempson’s said: “We are delighted that our café in Western Road Bexhill has re-opened following the incident on Tuesday.

A car crashed into Jempson's Cafe, in Western Road, Bexhill, on Tuesday

“Our utmost thanks to everyone for their help and support.

“Abbi and Sally have done superbly in getting their store open and look forward to welcoming their customers.”

Sussex Police said nobody was injured in the incident. The managing director of Jempson’s described this as ‘remarkable’.

Stephen Jempson added: “We are very thankful, that whilst there has been considerable damage to the front of the shop, no one appears to have been hurt.

“This is remarkable when you consider how many of our colleagues were working in close proximity and how busy the pedestrian walkway outside can be.

“Our thoughts are also with the car driver in what appears to have been a most awful accident.”

East Sussex Fire and Rescue said one person was ‘rescued’ from the vehicle which was lodged in the front window of the café but made no mention of any injuries.

Jempson’s added: “Our most sincere thanks to those who helped with the first response, the emergency services and colleagues working at the store.”

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