‘Bus shelters are the wrong way around’: Stagecoach boss slams East Sussex town works

A Stagecoach director has criticised works in an East Sussex town – including bus shelters having been installed the wrong way around.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 4:00 pm

Matthew Arnold, commercial director for the bus company, lambasted the Eastbourne town centre works on Twitter for their “lack of progress”, bus shelter issues and “rampant illegal parking”.

He wrote, “Very disappointed at lack of progress with the town centre works in Eastbourne. Bus shelters installed the wrong way around, rampant illegal parking and a steep ramp which buses ground out on.

“This has gone on for far too long with a negative effect on bus passengers.”

Bus shelters installed the "wrong way around" in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne

The director shared a photo of bus shelters which had been installed the “wrong way around” in Cornfield Road.

He also shared pictures of cars parking in a marked out bus stop in Terminus Road, and an uneven surface on the same road as the new grey bricks transition to tarmac.

The works come as part of the Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme, costing more than £8 million.

It is being funded by Eastbourne Borough Council and East Sussex County Council with an aim to improve and modernise the layout of the town centre.

A Stagecoach boss has criticed the works in Eastbourne town centre

County council responds

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said, “With any major scheme such as this, it’s inevitable there will be some issues which arise during construction which we need to address.

“We have had to reverse the position of one bus shelter due to the location of manhole covers, drains and other services, but it still complies with all relevant design standards and will have no impact on passengers.

“We are aware there have been some isolated incidents regarding buses scraping on the ramp, but we have checked the design, which complies with the plans, and as long as buses stick to the 20mph speed limit this should not happen.

“The town centre improvement scheme is a joint project between the county council and Eastbourne Borough Council which is having a major impact in improving the town centre, making it more attractive for residents and visitors and boosting the town’s economy.

“We are now starting to see really positive results and would ask Stagecoach to bear with us as we enter the final months of the scheme which will benefit everyone, including the bus company.”

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