Driver cut free from car stuck in hedge

A DRIVER had a lucky escape after her car ended up upside down in a hedge, teetering above a seven-foot drop.

The accident happened at around 12.30pm on Sunday (October 23) on the A265 near Burwash Weald.

Firefighters from Burwash, Battle and Uckfield were called to the scene to stabilise the vehicle before freeing the woman.

The Technical Rescue Unit were also on scene with additional equipment to help with the operation.

Fire crews were on the scene until 1.10pm.

Incident commander Pup Upton said: “Although the car was supported by the hedge, there was a seven-foot drop into a field beside it.

“Therefore, it was necessary for crews to secure the car before freeing the woman via the rear window of the car.”

The driver walked free from the wreckage and escaped with just a small cut to her hand.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident.