Renewed calls for Burwash to be made a 20mph zone

Campaigners are using Halloween to renew their calls for road safety measures in a village.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 11:31 am
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 11:35 am
A petition was presented to the county council in May SUS-180517-110144001

20’s Plenty for Burwash wants to see a 20mph speed limit in the village.

In July at a county council meeting, the authority’s lead member for communities and safety Bill Bentley considered a petition by campaigners calling for a number of road safety improvements on the A265 in Burwash.

The requested improvements, including a 20mph speed limit and protective bollards, were declined, but Cllr Bentley encouraged petitioners to apply for match-funding for the scheme.

Lesley Moore, of 20’s Plenty for Burwash, said: “30mph is just too fast for most roads. The biggest killer in Britain of five- to 25-year-olds is road traffic crashes.

“For children under 12, the risk of crashes is higher in faster traffic environments because their eyes are not developed enough to be able to judge speeds over 20mph. When vehicles go at 20mph or below, most adults and children survive collisions.

“In Burwash we have three particularly dangerous hot spots: a pinch point where houses open directly onto a place where vehicles regularly mount the pavement, a school crossing area where vehicles accelerate at lollipop ladies, children and parents, and a fast bend which obscures safe access to properties in Burwash Weald.

“We don’t intend to wait before adding to government statistics.

“A widespread slow-down of fast cars would reduce their indirect harm too, including the ill health suffered by the family and friends of road victims.

“Furthermore it reduces inequality as road traffic casualty rates show steep social gradients.

“At 20mph older people are less fearful of going out of their home, trying to cross the street, or of driving their own cars at a reasonable speed.

“I often hear that what frightens people most is the risk of injury from fast, speeding and reckless drivers. For our residents this is a daily challenge.

“Many of our houses are accessed directly onto a busy A-road used by giant juggernauts, coaches and impatient commuters. 20mph limits will make our three connected villages a much safer less stressful place to live.”

To contact 20’s Plenty for Burwash email [email protected].

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