Tribute to world’s most theatrical rock band

Flash have been paying homage to the world’s most theatrical and dramatic rock band, Queen, since 1995, and in that time have had a huge impact on audiences across the UK, Europe and Asia.

This month they will be performing at the White Rock Theatre.

The roots of Flash lie in a rock covers band called Kid Gluvz.

Originally formed in the early 90s, the group set out to perform songs that, whilst popular, were a little out of the ordinary.

The finale of the set was a 30-minute Queen medley and this proved to be so popular that audiences would demand that the songs be played in their entirety.

Front man Scott Maley’s natural resemblance to Freddie Mercury, coupled with his voice, meant that audiences were hooked.

Their ethos was to recreate the Queen ‘live experience’ by making shows as authentic as possible using accurate costumes, instruments and by performing live concert versions of the songs.

Scott is joined on stage by a talented band including Nathan Mathers who brings all the electric guitar virtuosity required to play a very convincing Brian May.

Their attention to detail extends to their use of the exact same equipment used by Queen on stage in their heyday.

Tickets are £19. Call 01424 462288 or visit