Two towns could find way to share a traffic warden

Illegal parking in Lion Street 2
Illegal parking in Lion Street 2

DISCUSSIONS have taken place between town councils at Rye and Battle about the possibility of the two towns jointly funding and sharing a traffic warden.

Parking remains a major issue in both towns with motorists regularly flounting the rules as no town has a warden to enforce them.

At Rye cars have parked on pavements on narrow Lion Street, forcing mums with prams to walk out into the road and even trapping one resident in her own home.

The suggestion was first raised by the Rye Highways Forum, a group of councillors and other interested parties established to look at traffic issues in the Rye area.

Rye Town Clerk Richard Farhall said: “It is only a suggestion at the moment discussed within the Rye Highways Forum. It has not reached Council yet.

“There may be an alternative such as paying for additional PC/PCSO time instead.”

Parking has been an ongoing issue in both towns, particularly in Battle where the High Street is often gridlocked with traffic.

Vehicles often park in bus lanes and loading bays forcing large vehicles to double-park, in order to unload, which then blocks the flow of traffic.

The public have often raised parking as an issue during police priority setting meetings.

Battle Town Council is set to look at the suggestion in more details at a future meeting.

At Rye traders are concerned about vehicles which ignore one or two hour time limits and park in spaces all day, which they say affects trade.

PCSO’s often hand out parking tickets in Rye.