• I will hope to be able to include details of the arrangements for Robert Elam’s funeral in this column next week.

• Linda Harland has asked me to remind you that the St Mary’s Community Hall Management Committee will welcome new members. The next meeting of the committee, open to all, will be in the Hall at 7pm on Tuesday May 14.

She continues: ”The smooth running of the village hall very much depends on all users leaving it in a clean condition.

“This doesn’t always happen, so we are in the process of a major spring clean - thanks to Glenda for chairs, Nadia for windows, Celia for kitchen, Nan and Linda for lavatories, wall marks etc.

“To keep the hall in this sparkling state the committee would like to offer a regular paid cleaning post (probably one and a half hours a week). “If you know of anyone who may be interested in this job, please contact Linda Harland, 01797 222410.

“By doing this we are trying to respond to feedback, but will have to monitor the expense over the next few months.”

Richard Holmes, Beauchamps