At the AGM of St Mary’s Community Hall on Tuesday evening last week the Chair, Frank Langrish, presented his review of the year’s main events as the Hall approaches the completion of its first four years. On the initiative of Nadia Florence Marshall, aided by other committee members, a new illustrated leaflet and hirers’ pack had been produced, resulting in a considerable increase in bookings, a number of them on a regular basis. During the year the bar had been much improved by the provision of a new work top, sink and proper flooring. With the employment of a regular fortnightly cleaner, and a recent thorough spring clean, the building was now in very good shape. Successful fundraising events had included a barbecue, another quiz night and a pudding party. Thanks to the efforts of Nan Hacking, the World War I memorial board had been mounted in a new permanent position near the main door, where it had been formally unveiled in an impressive ceremony by General Moore-Bick.

Last Saturday morning some eighteen members of Udimore Wildlife Society gathered near the Woolpack Inn for a walk on Walland Marsh. Philip Merricks welcomed us there and pointed out some notable features of the area, his privately established nature reserve and the series of massive earthbanks (walls in marsh parlance) by which over many centuries successive stretches of saltmarsh have been “inned”. After another short drive and a long walk, we reached a commanding viewpoint from which Ian Hunter identified for us some typical; marshland birds: Cetti’s and reed warblers, whitethroats, corn and reed buntings, lapwings and several hobbies hunting for prey over the reservoir near the wind farm. We are very grateful to Ian for his expertise, and to Philip for the kind invitation to visit his land.

The services in St Mary’s this Sunday are Holy Communion at 8am and Evensong at 6pm.

This week’s Neighbourhood Watch bulletin includes a reminder to us all not to leave unattended buildings unlocked, and this applies particularly to garages and garden sheds, and also to oil tanks. In the unfortunate event of any of our property being stolen, the chances of our eventually recovering it are greatly increased if it has been security marked. For advice on how this can best be done it’s a good idea to contact our PCSO, Richard Perchard, by ringing 101, or visiting www.sussex.police.uk

Richard Holmes