PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: At the meeting on March 18 Cllr Jonathan Johnson confirmed that the Rother DC component of the forthcoming Council Tax was to remain unchanged, for the fourth successive year.

The overall County Council rate however, Cllr Carl Maynard reported, was to rise by 1.9%, an increase necessitated by further cuts in the central government grant. He pointed out that, when reported, some potholes had been given a quick temporary patch, not yet of the highest standard, but any “permanent” repairs which have begun to break up already should be reported to the County Highways Department at once. He undertook to look into problems created by a shortage of passing places in the newly-resurfaced Float Lane. The Bexhill-Hastings Link Road, he said, would make possible the housing development which would otherwise be imposed inappropriately on villages throughout the county.

Having now resumed responsibility for Udimore, CPSO Richard Perchard reported that checks on drivers’ speeds and compliance with licence, insurance and road tax regulations have been continuing. Two sites have been identified for the traffic and speed checks to be conducted in the spring by the County Council (as reported in the March Parish Council Newsletter).

Cllr Bob Turgoose reported that the Parish Council would continue to fund the opening of the Hall for a further two Wednesday mornings, to coincide with visits by the Mobile Library. Coffee was to be served , so as to make these visits more of a social occasion. After the initial three openings, the decision whether to continue the scheme would depend on enough people being interested in supporting and funding it.

BOOK SALE: At 10.30am tomorrow (Saturday) in St George’s Church Room (next to Brede Church) there will be a Bring and Buy Book Sale and Coffee Morning (with home-made cakes), a fundraising event for St George’s, which promises to be a relaxed and informal occasion.

CHURCH SERVICES: This Sunday in St Mary’s Church Holy Communion will be celebrated at 8am. At 11.15am there will be a Family Service for All, preceded by a Palm Sunday procession from the Hall.

At noon on Good Friday there will be a service of prayers and meditation.

On Easter Sunday morning, please note that the Sung Eucharist will be at 9.30am, NOT 11.15am (there’s an error on the parish Easter card).

Richard Holmes