PARISH & COUNCIL MEETINGS: At 6.30pm this evening (Friday) in the Hall our new Parish Councillor, Louise Fuller, will be welcomed onto the Council. Please come along to support her, and to hear a full account of the Council’s work in the past year. After a short interval for refreshments, the second part of the meeting will look ahead to the Council’s proposed programme for the year ahead. Among other important items, the Council’s current surplus of some £9,500 offers scope for expenditure on improvements to our broadband, and on road safety (once the results of the forthcoming traffic survey are known). Councillors will welcome your comments and suggestions!

CHURCH SERVICE: A Family Eucharist will be celebrated in St Mary’s Church at 11.15am this Sunday.

UDIMORE GARDEN SAFARI, MAY 30: Seven garden owners are now much looking forward to welcoming lots of you to their gardens in just two weeks’ time. Many local noticeboards and shop windows now display posters advertising the event, but if you spot any such places where they haven’t yet appeared, please let me know (01797 223055). Also please pass the word on to any of your friends who may not yet have heard about our Garden Safari.

PILATES CLASSES: I’ve heard from Susan Taber that she’s now started a new evening Pilates class in the Hall, on Thursday evenings from 6.30 to 7.30pm. For more information about this class, and about the other five day-time classes which she runs, please ring 07858 518 5024.

CHURCH PEW CUSHIONS: The Friends of St Mary’s are currently arranging for all the other pews and the kneeling space at the altar rail to be provided with new cushions. They have also commissioned the embroidering of several cushions with the names of those in whose memory they have been dedicated. Liz Turgoose (01424 882657) would be glad to hear from anyone else who would like to dedicate a cushion in this way - the cost would be £120.

SUMMER LUNCH: Following the great success of recent lunches, the committee of the Brede and Udimore Overseas Group has arranged a Summer Lunch in the Hall on Thursday June 4, starting at 1pm. There will be a talk by a representative of one of the charities supported by the Group, entitled ”Life in Papua New Guinea”. To reserve tickets for the lunch (£8.50, excluding drinks) please ring Liz Turgoose (01424 882657), Stella Knight (01424 883246) or Judy Edwards (01424 882222).